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Yellow smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Morph420, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I've seen some youtube videos where some kids would blow out yellow smoke, my brothers have done it before but they said it's really bad for you.

    I was just wondering how it's done? I would love to blow yellow smoke every once in a while.:rolleyes::smoke:
  2. Stale smoke Im assuming.. its not really what youd call cool though
  3. ^ Sounds right. When I'm hitting my bong, if I don't clear it and let the smoke sit it in for 30 seconds-1 minute, it turns yellow and tastes like shit. I don't know why you'd ever want to have that nasty smoke in your lungs though.
  4. ive only gotten yellow smoke when its SUPER thick. Like really dense thick smoke. And it killlls ya:smoke::smoke: in a good way:cool:
  5. just like last week we did a 3-gallon grav bong was nuts. way too much smoke. there were only three of us. we each took a gigantic rip and it was so nasty and didn't even clear at all. the smoke turned a nasty yellow and we finally ended up getting it all
  6. when hitting a bong and you see thick yellow smoke its because not enough oxygen is being pulled through the weed so you just need to break the bud up better or pack the bowl differently to allow more airflow.
  7. You get yellow smoke when it is incredibly thick, it has nothing to do with how "stale" it is.
  8. haha i love how everyone has a different explanation.

  9. I agree, my question wasn't really answered.

    I'm gonna go with Thick smoke though, that sounds more reasonable.
  10. You get yellow smoke if your super awesome and are half dragon.

    Idk why, but thats why. :rolleyes:
  11. People have answered your question. The color gets distorted when the smoke gets so thick. I suspect the yellowness is more of the true color of the condensed smoke than white really is.
  12. Yeah when you get yellow smoke in your bong it just means it's a fucking massive hit.
  13. yellow smoke is supposed to relate to THC levels i think, if you smoke a keif blunt you will get yellow smoke.. so yellow smoke is a good thing...
  14. haha, these replies are some of the best ive read so far today. "not enough oxygen is being pulled through the weed so you just need to break the bud up better or pack the bowl differently to allow more airflow." that is an instant classic. Bottom line, the smoke is very thick or you are just straight up burning harmful objects.
  15. Exactly - it means it's thick. Too thick, at least from your lungs' perspective. It means the smoke's dense enough or been around long enough for the particles to stick together more. I don't think I'd want that crap in my lungs...
  16. you get yellow smoke if the bud you smoked has raccoon urine on it.

    really, it's true.
  17. idk bout the raccoon urine..
    but i just smoked a blunt, and because of this thread i realized i was puffing yellow smoke.. and that shit was thick, but now i'm wondering if it also means stale cause strangely enough (this could all be placebo) i feel kinda gross.. so...

    do we know?
  18. my friend calls this the golden hit lol he straight rips the bong for like 20 seconds then tries clearing it :smoking:

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