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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by potsmokaupnorth, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. The leaves around the bottom of my plant are rturning yellowish i thought that was cause of an N defficency but i dunno cuz i have it in very N rich soil not because of ferts but because of the material that's in it because the soil is compost that my dad has been making for a year or so and all the crap we threw in is all decomposed and is soil now. He told me it was N rich so i dont kno. The plant also has 3 flourescent bulbs overhead. This is just a temporary home What should I do???

    By the way theres tons of preflowers.
  2. yellow leaf is normaly caused by either low N like u said or lack of lite. sounds to me that the most likely cause hear is the lite, from wot u said i think u think that aswell.

    if u want to stop the lower leaf getting any worse untill u can move them u will need to get some more lite lower down, can u move 1 of ur fluros down to "side lite" the lower part of the plant? if u do that and turn the plant 1 third 3 times a day then all of the lower leaves shud start to recover, or atleast not get any worse. its that or move them asap.
  3. BTW u dont say how tall the plant is and wot watt the fluros r, it wud b intersting to know.
  4. well the plant (Mary Jane or just Mary, oh i know so original) is about 1.4 meters i think that's 4 feet somthing i dunno i'm a canuck. lol Theres 2 cool white florescent bulbs and 1 of the other white 1.(It's really not getting enough light) It's behind my furnace and water heater it's like a cold storage in the winter but it's really warm there in the summer. The soil that it's growing is primarliy composed of decomposed vegetables etc. it's basically compost, compost which is very high in Nitrogen of course. I have a 1.5 foot fan circulating air directly out the window. I wish i colud have some pics for you guys but i dont have my digi yet. Hopefully I'll get it before I move it back out in the wilderness. Oh and there's over 70 preflowers. And 1 more thing i'm pretty sure the plant is Sensi but it might be mixed with some really bomb weed.
  5. sensi just means seedless.

    if mary has grown that big in the soil/compost ur using and its that rich then that aint the prob, u really gotta do something about them lights tho now shes in flower.
  6. oh my bad i get it now but that's just a temperary home 4 her. She's being moved tomorrow i think to a nice big bed of soil in the woods where she can grow as much as she wants.
  7. by the way the plant is skunk cross-bread with spmthing good i dunno what it is

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