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  1. this nute burn ? or i not giving enough nutes ? Its in coco and i watering when looks dry. my ph is 5.7

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  2. you ph is very low plants in soil like a ph 7 or 6.7 so try that 1st.and dont water every day the soil has to dry so it can let air in for the roots
  3. i growing in coco m8.
  4. sorry but whats coco
  5. coco is what i grow in.Can anyone tell me whats up with my plant please ?
  6. your PH 5.7 -5.9.....its time to feed it may want to try 5.9ph


    you could have made this problem worse, this is not the room for beginners advice.
    Im not picking on you but you'd be pissed if this guy gave you bad advice that killed your plants , yeah?

    soil is 6.5 - 6.8 Optimum PH range
  7. you think i should up the feed to full strengh ? i going to try watering/feeding everyday see if that helps.M8 i play cs with says i should water coco everyday.
  8. that depends on the amounts you have been giving it previously

    Id say double your previous strength, if thats up to full strength be it
    and yes coco doesnt have the best water retention
  9. thx m8 , so i right to water daily ? Nutes its coco A&B (canna)full str is 4ml i was useing 3ml.Erm can i over water ?
  10. you may be forced to with coco, depends on your temps & humidity.....just read the plants if it begins to droop back off, or increase air flow to find your balance
  11. thx ganja , your the man hehe

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