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  1. My plant is nine weeks old four weeks into flower in the last three weeks my older leaves started turning yellow in between veins but veins stay a dark green and moved on up to the younger leaves. The older leaves then started to get dead brown spots on them and then curled up and died. The youngest leaves are thin with yellow tips. Need help bad
  2. maybe need some magnesium.... pics!
  3. Can't upload pics off my iPhone
  4. Really need help any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Yeah..we cant diagnose anything without pictures.
  6. Well does any one know how to post pics from my iPhone
  7. Here is some pics

  8. Anybody got any ideas on what this is are is it norm
  9. I post pics and nobody has a comment?
  10. How about some mote info braaaahhhh. Medium? Nutes? Ph? Looks like it could be pottasium cal/mag or phosphorus they look similar to me honestly. Since you have an iPhone why don't you Google "cannabis deficiencies" and see a chart of example effected leaves like the rest of us do to diagnose something. No offense but if you don't understand what your plant is going through yiu can't fix it. I would try upping the nutes slightly or supplement cal/mag. The leaves look hungry like the energy has been leached out already. Early to mid flowering I assume your plants would start uptaking the necessary nutrients to pack on the buds
  11. As above said, need more info, looks like could be a overdose on nutes, its hard to say for sure without more info.
  12. A few thoughts: flush the whole thing with a huge amount of fresh water to rinse out salts that may have accumulated (nutrient lock). Check the pH of your water and adjust it as necessary.

    That being said, my 'old lady' plant is on her third flowering, and she is mostly bud and dead fan leaves. As long as she's putting on the resin, we're okay and I don't mind the yellowing and dying of the demanding leaves. When I harvest her, I will again leave the lower third of the plant in place with a few unripe buds, replace her soil, and feed her up with a good growing nutrient sol'n under 18 hr light.

    Best of luck, and let us know how she fares!
    (convert from soil to hydroponics, MG to Sensi Grow. I'm astonished at the improvement!)
  13. When u switched it to 12/12 I went right to flower nutes without slowly introduceing it. So I Did do research and found it was (n) def so the next time I watered I gave her 1/2 veg nutes 1/2 flower nutes. I did all this without giving it plain water in between feedings. I got a lil excited about yellow leaves I stoped thinking straight. As soon as I read nut lock it clicked. So I bought a cheap prob meter to test PH but I don't really trust it it gave me a different number at different depths but I'll say it's at about 7.5 -8.0 at root level. Using MG nutes
  14. 7.5-8 is very VERY basic. You need to get it down toward 5.5
    Flush the heck out of your soil. pH test your water and adjust that before you put anything into it. When I say 'flush' I mean like 10 gal of water through 2 gal of soil.
    I will not badmouth MG, but I have seen the error of my ways after losing nearly two harvests and finally going for a better system.

    Good luck
  15. I flushed her today we will see what happens.

    Thanks for all the advice.

  16. is it that easy to re-veg? i posted a thread on this but nobody replied.... i have a masterkush plant that is a beast but i never cloned her and im deep in flower now. i know i can still clone, but this sounds better. do you know how much bud and leaves you left? or do you happen to have any pics? We need a re-veg sticky!!!!!

    ps. dont feel bad for badmouthing MiracleGrow they suck!

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