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    Hey guys n00b here. For starters my setup for my baby is a 5 gallon top feed with hydroton pebbles with a layer of RW at the bottom and a 300w led apollo horticulture light set at 16 inches away. I've kept the ph in check. I'm using the liquid fox farms trio, only grow big and big bloom currently, and my baby is almost 3 weeks old(from seed) and her first set of real leaves plus the cotyledons are turning yellow and curling down. My new set of leaves are pretty and green. Big bloom got added a few days ago but after the yellowing started. I assumed nute def was my issue but it didn't stop. Have I not waited long enough? Or should I even worry since the new set looks fine. Pics included, first is of plant in question, second is my other baby whose first leaves have the slightest bit of yellow at the end. A week and a half younger

    My cotyledons on the older plant are actually very green still, making this whole situation all the more confusing for me

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  2. Can anyone tell me if there's something wrong with her? Planted seed few days. She sprouted yesterday 4/21. Today she looks like this. Soil is 80% vermiculite 10% perlite & 10% river rock (very bottom of cup). Got the soil receipe on a forum from this site, tried it out.

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  3. over watering...needs a few days or so between watering
  4. needs light...also watch for over watering since verm can hold a good amount..look into hempy buckets if you want to use verm and perlite
  5. I saturated soil with water day before i planted seed...havent watered since then. Had it in darkness for 24 hrs just put it under light today.
  6. I'm doing hydro, you're saying I should run it 24\7 from the get go?
  7. Shouldn't*

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