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  1. Hey everyone,

    This is my first post here and I was just looking for a bit of advice on my plant?

    This is only my second plant so I’m still new to it all. I’m currently growing Toxic from ripper and it’s on its 35th day, it’s being grown in plant magic plus and I’ve been feeding with gh flora series. I water about 4L every 4 days and alternate between water and nutes every other water.

    The last two days I’ve noticed my plant has started to develop some yellow tips on the top leaves and just wondered if anyone had any idea why?

    Edit: light temp is between 25c and 27c throughout the day and I’m unsure of the night but it’s normally warm in the house. I’m running a 16-8 cycle and humidity is normally around 50-55.

    Any help is appreciated. 29D983CE-853E-46FC-9EF9-FE001192D9E4.jpeg

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  2. Y'know... they look okay.
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  3. Slight nute burn, otherwise they look good.
    Mine always has the tips a little burned.
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  4. Would your recommend a flush or just lowering nutes at this point? It’s only my second plant and I had lots of ph and nute problems first time round so I’ve been trying to combat that this time.
    it was going well up until I noticed these.
  5. Yep, looks like a bit of nute burn to me.

    I would just use plain water next watering....and then watering after that use less nutes....
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  6. Y’know... they look okay.
    Why not keep doing what you are doing?
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  7. I just don’t want it to get to a point where I have to fix something, I’d rather stop it from happening if possible but if I just need to lower the nutes a bit I’m hoping it should be fine
  8. They'll be fine.....youve identified your "problem"...thats 90% of fixing it right there.....the other 10% is doing the remedy for it.

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