Yellow Jackets???

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  1. I seem to have an infestation of yellow jackets... inside !?!?!WTF!?!?! they go straight for the mary jane plants and then walk around the soil as if they are stoned off a pound of the finest... Still in the first stage of growing however so to my knowledge theres no thc. Should i be worried? I find about 1 -3 a day getting stuck in the aluminum foil or just chilling by the plant. The funny thing is that my door and windows remain shut at all times and there is a screen for when i do decide to open the windows
  2. maybe trying to get the worms you put in your soil? HA!
  3. Haahaha whats up dude, i dont think a yellow jacket could kill or even hurt one of the worms i found, i actually mistook one for a snake
  4. okay so now i am worried... all the windows in my apartment have been closed for a day or two. this morning when i woke up there was one yellow jacket in my grow space. within 45 minutes of me waking up there was 5.
  5. I would be concerned (getting stung is no fun!) about the possible parasites hitching a ride and then building a new home in your plants.
  6. i guarantee that you have a little nest in the soil, if i were you i would trash the plant and get another one since its still early
  7. dont trasha mj plant lol.... just find where there comming from (vid camera???) and block the hole. if u have a nest, kill it lol
  8. thanks guys! but getting stung is not part of my concern, they seem to be very peacful around me, could be the THC!!! There were about 4 bees on the plant and i shook it to get them off, they fell to the ground lol. I also sprayed them with a windex bottle filled with water and they didnt seem to mind. Maybe this is proof that MJ can cure the world of all its illnesses and violence. but you may be right seeing as they showed up AFTER i watered them this morning. I will look into the situation further. To get something i want i need to make a sacrifice, if getting stung is in the cards so be it. im not allergic, or atleast i dont think so. Ill keep you posted
  9. just heed the warning about the nest in the soil. if it is in the soil and not in some random hole in the wall, their nesting in your baby. not good for it. also the parasites that can ride on them as previously mentioned. keep an eye out and get some fly paper or something. you may not be concerned about getting stung now, but piss them off, the call for back ups, n the back ups roll deep. one sting dont sound to bad but multiple might make you change your mind.
  10. hahaha yeah true story, i have 2 fly tapes hanging right now and caught 3 bees today. and i dont think it is an underground nest, i have done my research and the queen bee doesnt create a nest as the winter is setting in, but im no scientist so who knows. thanks for the concern, but i think its the MJ thats has created a passivness. I have observed them rubbing tentacles all ofer the leaves. i feared they might be eating away at them but there were no marks on the leaves.
  11. They eat the dirt and spit it out to bulid there house's, if you gave them a way to go out side they will leave. When ever the soil is wet is the best time for them to harvest it. so thats when they go at it, you should see tracks on the top of soil where they harvest it and fly away to make there home. They can smell wet dirt, and you could use that to lure them out of the house.

  12. Has it down exactly. They are using wet soil, building a nest somewhere(might want to check around) getting ready for the winter.

    :smoke:GooD Luck

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