Yellow edges on my leafs

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  1. Im having some yellow edges on my leafs ( see pics ) . Is this caused by some deficiencies ? My plants are 4 weeks old and 4 days ago ive transplanted them from 1 gallon pots to 5 gallon pots because they where droopy . Ive flushed this new soil because its strongly fertilised . The soil is still a bit wet i havent watered them the last 4 days . I didnt gave them any nutes so for . Im growing with led 600 w in 4 by 4 tent . So heat cannoy br the issue and i cant see any bugs . Could this be a lack of nutrients , because i kept them in the first soil for 3 weekd without giving them any nutes .

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  2. I cant see anything in that picture due to being blinded by purple. You have to turn the LEDs off for the picture.

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  4. What's the ph of the water you're using?

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  5. 6,5 measured with my ph meter

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  6. What kind of soil are you using
  7. Plagrons batmix do you know it ?
  8. I would not worry about that...
  9. It looks ok to me. Maybe a little to much nitrogen but not enough to burn. I don't know because my grow hasn't gotten that far yet but I have heard its pretty common for a little burn to happen when you transplant to more fertile soil. It is just your plant adjusting to the new soil.

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