Yellow Buds and Bongs!!11!...

Discussion in 'General' started by Romain, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Some nice buds i picked up for $40 bucks an eighth (not all present). Get me hiiiggghh sonn :bongin:x12



    Buffalo wings with buttered hotsauce. Mmmmmmm :yay:

  2. hell yea man, thats what I like to see :D

    I just munched out ona mini pizza (but a sweet one that rises!). I had hot sauce all over it.

    grats on the food!
  3. is that a phx trinity?
  4. Nice bong, bud, and food. That last pick made me hella hungry
  5. Ahh why did i not post this in Recreational Marijuana Use Forum..?

    Yes, its a Trinity
  6. Nice pickup man looks good, 40 an 8th is a decent price too, I picked up some stinky dank myself today only a gram though but 3 hits had my ass plenty ripped :smoking:

    enjoy :hello:
  7. bud looks so pretty i wish i had some bongs ill too. you gotta eat all that meat on those bones haha
  8. woah thats a nice amount for an 1/8th, you guys over in america must get much fatter deals than here in the uk that reminds me, my planns for today include, pick up a quart, see if i can find that cough medicine that gets you high, buy a boatload of tacco's and chilli, buy a new glass bong and sit down to watch the world cup while getting high and piggin out =p

    ps, nice speakers, my friend just got the same ones and because we live in halls of residence at college all of the rooms are pretty close together, you can still hear the music when its on max two florrs down. haha.

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