Yellow, brownish leaves

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  1. I have started getting a deformation and yellow colouring on all my leaves in my hydro system. I use the GHE, currently with a 320 nute PPM, and my PH is 6.1

    The plants are from clones, going into their 4th week.

    Any ideas? I am very new to my system so any tips as to which nutes I need to look at and what to add will be very helpful :)

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  2. Are you using tap water? Is this a DWC set up kind of looks that way from the pic.
  3. Hey Lowd, I use filtered water and yes, it is a DWC setup. I did a check last night and the PH was at aroung 6.3, so I lowered the PH to 5.9 and added some extra nutes as I realised I may have given it too little nutes. I am somewhat worried because I can see brown edges around the leaves forming and the leaves feel "waterless" or lifeless, but that can just be me being paranoid.
  4. Are you using a cal mag supplement. If i use my Reverse osmosis water I have a deficiency every time.
  5. What's up reformed. That looks like classic iron or mag deficiency. I would have to agree that cal mag 5ml/gal to start. should solve ur problem. And u should see results pretty quickly. Mayb add micronute.

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