yellow/brown round leaves. leaves turning

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by thcisthewayout, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. I grow outdoor 1 1/2 weeks in 1 gallon pot no nutes organic pot soil . Ok one of the tip of my plants round leaves are brown and yellow the brown part is chipped off the plant seems to be growing good other than that. Should i cut the brown rotting part off????

    Another one of my plants 2nd set of leaves the ones that come after the round one seem to be curling upward and in. twisting like. I think this might be the plant following the sun because i have 2 move them 2 another spot when the shade comes around I only move them once a day at bout 5 then when it gets dark i put them back so the morning sun can hit them (im just doing this untill they get bigger so i can transplant them into the ground) another one of my round leaves is yellow but seems to be growing good.
  2. Pictures usually help.
    Leaf twisting would not be from moving towards the sun; that is more of a leaning motion for the sun. Twisting could be PH or other deficiencies.

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