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  1. hey gc this is a current pic of my freinds month old afghan plant. he lst and defoliated it and is only growing it under 2 40w cfls and 1 23 cfl so what would you expect this to yeild if he started flowering it 10 days from now? thanks guys
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  2. Somewhere between a quarter ounce and a pound.

  3. You´re lucky if you even reach 0.5 grams per watt with those lights
    So yeah, do the math. Maybe two ounces off her, if he´s lucky enough. 
    She looks pretty damn small 
  4. ive kept it small to promote new tops to grow and slowing down other tops so its a even layer of tops aka places for buds tp form so instead of 1 main cola and smaller side colas it willbe a even level of same sized colas so yeild per square foot is thus greater. will start flower in a week and update through out. its roughly 6" tall, 8" x 8" wide and has roughly 20 tops as of today
  5. It's all about lighting, it may have many tops, but with lights that weak they all don't get adequate light. I just pulled down an auto with 4 55w CFL's and she gave us 33 grams (wet weight) and 93 grams of trim for hash. Get the lights as close as possible and setup so every top is getting some close direct light.
  6. wow looks like i should get a better light setup. i just cant figure out to exhaust the heat
  7. please post up a new picture. thats more than enough light for one plant. its a shame he defoliated it.
  8. heres an update today its accelerating i just transpalnted it from alot smaller of container a couple days ago and ithink jt was root bound. this picture was taken right before i lstd it more so let me know what ya think
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    what a beauty. i would guess 3 oz if you let it mature fully. are you blooming yet?
  10. Maybe an oz or 2. Hard to say at this stage of growth. But let it grow to maturity and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
  11. an ounce per 100w of CFL is a fair goal, you can double that with the correct training. however taking leaves from the plant will slow growth including bud production. the fan leaves collect light energy and turn it in to mass. without them it's like turning half your lights off
  12. no not in flowering yet startig in a week. shes really getting big now. he said he used promix hp with 1/10 organic potting soil
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  13. no not in flowering yet startig in a week. shes really getting big now. he said he used promix hp with 1/10 organic potting soil
  14. another update what could the yeild be now? he was away for a few days so it was underwatered thts why it looks so rough
  15. an ounce. tell him to stop plucking leaves off, they feed the plant so it can grow bud. also tell him to surround the plant with the lights, keep them within a couple of inches of the plant. if he wants a bigger yield tell him to install a screen and hold off flowering until it's full and grown a decent amount of leaves again
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    no mate plucking the leaves off is the best way
    you think this plant would be so short and bushy if he left it to grow lol
    the plants got loads of top nodes
    and flowering under low light, you have to have a large bushy canopy to get some bud
    get a hid light above that plant and with your plucking skills you will pull oz's of dry bud
  17. your yield will be around one metric ton.....jk....Joe thats 100% false, you do NOT pluck leaves off. if the plant is done with the energy stored in that leaf it will turn yellow and fall off.
    oh dear
    what do I know, these are my 3 plants 40 days into flower, grown in soil with bio buzz nutes now show me your plants if you or any one else, if you thinks I am 100% wrong
    only give advice I know that works, not what I read in a book or others tell me

    a close up pic and part of the canopy under 2x 600w hps

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  19. most don't do this until they finish the stretch and start to bud up, usually after 2 weeks or so in 12/12
    during veg it's usually best to just let the plant do it's own thing, branches will reach for areas of light and interior leaves that no longer do anything will wilt and die off naturally
    but yes, lollipopping (stripping the bottom 1/3) lets the plant redirect all its energy into making good buds up high near the light

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