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  1. I'm deciding what seeds I'm gonna buy. I saw a strictly indoor strain (Bubble Gum) that produces 450 grams per harvest under optomum conditions. For some reason I assumed a plant to produce much much less, or does this sound just about right? Here's a link to check it out for yourselves. Here.( Also, I'm trying to plan the structure of my grow. Im planning on having a room just big enough to grow 2-4 plant. I'm planning on using 3 HPS light's using the proper watage, proper ventilation (temp. humidity) and I'm planning on doing a pretty nice hydro system. Now... in this hypathetical situation, hahaha, would you guys agree this is optomum conditions, and should I expect something around 450 grams? I'm just trying to plan everything as best as I can, please don't get annoyed with my extremely hypothetical question here. Thanks.
  2. Is this your first grow? Cause if it is I would recomend a soil grow cause its alot less expensive and you'll get better tasting buds.........Wish I would have gone soil but I always though Hydro was better but I was wrong with the taste nothing like some organic grow buds.............mmmmmmmmmmm ............ sorry but sounds good if that what you want to do
  3. The hyrdro system setup I'm planning on using will utilize maximum space for root growth. Bigger roots - bigger plants, bigger plants - bigger and more buds. It's a DWC (Deep Water Culture) system made up of 5 gallon buckets. I'm also tying in the ScrOG technique. Also, I'm going to try out the FIM topping technique. All these should help me maximize my overall yeild. With all these methods, and with a good yeilding strain, it is possible to yeild up to more than a pound per plant!
  4. 450g = 1lb. I've never seen an indoor plant produce a pound of bud although I'm sure it's possible. Just don't plan on making that much, I'd say 1-4 oz is a good range to shoot for at least for your first harvest.
  5. thats alot of stress for some plants........ I wouldn't suggest you using ScrOg and topping cause what scrog does is trick the plant that the top is gone and then it will produce new growth at the stems that are at the 'top' of the plant ....... but its your grow brotha
  6. I have found that branchier plants produce less bud. The lanky plants, or the freaks with more than two branches per node, are more stems and leaf than buds. When you "top", you are encouraging the plant to stretch which wastes space in my opinion. Big colas are high yeilding.
  7. manicuring is also a concern and i find that large cola's are easier to harvest than a small branchy plant.

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