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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by drbosco, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. estamate my yeild 1 female plant outdoors veging for three months
    in a 9 litre pot
  2. 6 pounds dry.
  3. At least 8 pounds I reckon.
  4. Depends on various factors....
    Climate, methods such as topping, LST etc, best way to know is to crack on and grow some! :) Though you're a bit late for outdoor stuff now...
  5. can u really get 5 pounds or more off 1 female plant? is it cause its been vegging for 3 months or is it just how it is if u grow it right
  6. They are just being a dick to the new kids. Always people who do it. They were born knowing everything ;)

    But ya...

    Its hard to tell without even seeing some pictures. Most plants are a couple grams, to a lb it just depends on the strain, climate, and many other factors.
  7. Some indoor grows have had huge yields.
    Read the stickies, use the search button, try for yourself then ask questions ;)
  8. what's the strain? is it mostly indica or sativa? did you try any supercropping? 9 litre pot 3 months vegging eh? I'll guess 2 1/2 ounces... seriously.
  9. we wern't being "dicks", its a question that cant be answered so why even bother trying.
  10. Dude no way over like 7lb dry.. unless your talkin a wet weight then thats kool. :smoking:

  11. lol well damn i would love it if that was true wow tell me how to grow that when its possible haha 1 outdoor plant even 3lbs no need to be greedy

  12. But when u make comments like that it more than likley confuses people. Then they go around telling everyone that they are gonna have 7 lbs off a 2 foot plant.

    Sure its fun to fuck with people but, come on this is marijuana lol
  13. phr3ak3r, people should read the stickies and use the search button before even asking a question, that way they would be able to ask an answerable question..

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