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Yeild Question (I know it's stupid to ask)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by azgrassman, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Hey GC,

    I'm just starting week three of my first flower and I'm starting to get curious about what my yield is going to look like.

    Here's my setup:

    400W HPS (started at flower about 50K lumen)
    Four Bulb t5 (10K Lumen)

    Grow area is 3x3x4
    Closet is 3x8x8
    SCROG screen is 3x2

    Started in MG organic but transplanted to FFOF four weeks prior to flower.
    30-35% perlite.

    SensiGrow A&B pH Perfect- Advanced Nutrients (75% Strength)

    SensiBloom A&B pH Perfect- AN (75%)
    Sensi Cal/Mg Mix Bloom- AN (100%)
    Rhino Skin- AN (50%)

    Still to come:
    Overdrive- AN

    1 Hog's Breath
    2 Unknown

    Plants have been topped at least once, LSTed and SCROGed. All three are female and are housed in an 18 gallon tote. Plants were started and vegged with two other plants that went male. Vegged under t5. Flower under t5 and HPS (10K lumen per square foot of screen). HPS is 12" from canopy. T5 is hung vertically.

    There are between 150-180 active bud sites (sites with "hair" production) between the three. The HB accounts for a majority of these.

    Humidity ranges from about 55% in the morning to about 30% at night.

    Temps during day are high seventies while nights can get as low as 60 degrees (I have noticed some purpling of leaves recently).

    Watering every five days (5 gal per watering) and feeding every other water.



    Basic setup shots. Air-cooled tube, 6" ActiveAir inline, Phresh Filter, Oscillating desk fan to cool t5 and move air.


    To show basic plant health. Good green color, no spotting or burn.




    Very young bud sites. Every time I train a leaf back I find a few more.

    I'm just curious as to what some more experienced growers think I can expect out of this grow.

    I figure there are 150 budding sites conservatively.

    To make my grow worth while I figure the cost spent should match or be lower than the amount of money I would usually spend on my sweet sweet Mary Jane.

    Current costs have me needing just over three ounces (My regular vendors sell at $40 an eighth) to be adequately reimbursed.

    Do you think three ounces off of three plants in my setup is realistic?
    Or should I expect less or more?

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Man I imagine you should pull that in dry weight after that harvest. Your plants look really really great and they will make that multiple bud sites much much bigger and healthier as they continue to flower. I am imagining you will be pulling a pretty great yield. Just figure 150-180 bud sites at 1g ea ( small buds, like I said some will get way bigger I am sure.) Thats 150-180g on the low end average about 165g thats over 5oz. Shoot low at 4 and still crush on your goals. Good luck man, keep up the good work!
  3. Thanks for the encouragement, man.

    I was thinking .50g-1.0g average bud weight was reasonable too.

    Just hope it turns out to be as successful as we think.

  4. For sure bro, keep us posted! Got a journal started by chance?
  5. I say 8 - 10 oz
  6. It shouldn't be hard to achieve .5 grams per watt with a setup like that, if all goes well.

    .5g/watt with a 400w is 7+ ounces.

    You will certainly reach your 3 ounce goal, unless you screw up pretty bad.

    Good luck dude!
  7. About a half pound

  8. Yeah, kind of. I started a journal back in October but as time passed i had to fly in and out of town. My journal has been neglected since mid-December...

    Not too interesting really, everything has been going well...

    Me screwing up is inevitable, haha.

    Thanks for the input all,


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