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    Kanye's new album leaked this morning -- I haven't stopped playing it since. It's very different, but I like it... Anyone else given it a listen yet?
    -- I'd post some youtube clips of the songs, but they're all sped up that I've heard :mad:

  2. kanye west? lol
  3. That's the most narcissistic title to an album I've ever heard.  Kanye West thinks he's Jesus now? Lol.
    Dude has a song on there titled "I Am A God".
    Anyway, this shit is basura man. Kanye fell the fuck off. The lyrics are terrible. I swear man Kanye is living off beats now, because none of the shit he says has any substance to it anymore. 
    Yeah but that's been the case for a long while now.
  6. It's different Kanye went a new direction no one has gone before and I gotta say the album grows on you. It's nothing like anything he has released before, 8/10 songs are all good especially Bound 2 and Blood on the Leaves. 
  7. like Charlemagne the god said. he speaks so much abut the corporation and the selling of his self yet he's selling yeezys and an album... FUCK KANYE
  8. Kanye's first album is the only album by him that i even remotely like, i doubt i'll even listen to this anytime soon.
  9. kanyes persona is so goddamn offputting, will never understand why people think his work deserves any acclaim whatsoever, dudes a fucking joke
  10. It's not very good. But I doubt anyone seriously expected another album as good as MBDTF after all the shit that has happened to him since recorded it.
  11. Kanye keeps getting worse with every album, but this one takes the cake. What a piece of trash. It's all fucking autotune.
  12. 8.5/10 second listen too.
  13. If u ask Kanye that question I think his response would be "nah Jesus thinks he me"

    Also the song I Am God is featuring God..

    That's a hell of a feature to get. I'm pretty interested to see what the one and Only God sounds like in real life.
  14. He needs to go back to the Graduation/College Dropout days. He sounded better singing through a fucking broken jaw.

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