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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. So I was working with the girls at softball practice last night on how to swing more agressively. They were doing real good until one of them apparently loosened the ol' grip a little and let go of the bat which promptly found my jaw! I have'nt been hit that hard in awhile! Went to the doc this morning, he gave me something for the pain, and said that I had a greenstick (hairline) fracture in my lower jaw. Two teeth knocked loose. Does'nt look like they can be saved. I'm wondering if this is an omen for the rest of the season? Gonna go try to burn a bowl to augment this pain med. Probably wind up slobbering all over my self. Won't be the first time!
  2. You are the most accident prone person I have ever met in my life. :D
  3. Maybe you should get out more?:p
  4. sry to hear that! sun was in my eyes and i got a ball coming at me and bam!!! right in the mouth. a little dental work has been done on me. lol. if i didn't have pearly whites before i have em now. and i hope it's not an omen for the rest of the season for ya.
  5. Sry to hear about you accident. Hope you have a quick recovery! Just smoke lots of plant...I'll spark a blunt for you later.
  6. Poor Okie.

    I'm just glad I'm not the only accident prone person here and that you're the "most accident prone person" that Poppa has ever met. Of course, I don't share all of my accidents either. :)

    Hope you feel better, dude!

    LMAO @ Critter!!!
  7. if anything, this could be a positive omen, under the logic that after you get hit with a bat hard enough to get a hairline fracture, things cant get much worse, and if they can, fucking hide under your covers until the season is over
  8. Smokie I know that hurts..

    Was it one of your girls, or one of the team mates?

    Who ever it was, That has to hurt bad! I hope you get well soon!
  9. Ouch! Sorry to hear about that. It must really suck. I'm glad that it wasn't me. I hope that it gets to feelin better soon tho!
  10. Having a good laff there Crit? :p Yeah, she was nine years old. Did'nt go to practice today, too high on pain med and sore. Can't eat nuthin but ramen noodles and ice cream. I got a card from the little girl who did it, t'was awful sweet. I'm hoping to shake it off by this weekend cause were supposed to go camping. I got lot's o' pain meds, lots o' weed, so I'll endeavor to presevere.
  11. wow...i hope it doesn't hinder your ability to smoke weed :(

    that would be awful! :(
  12. Thru the proper mix of meds and weed I just smoked a bowl with relatively little drooling and slobbering. Tis a good thing!
  13. damn, sounds painful. lol. does it hurt when you cough from toking? must blow if it does... anywayz, hope you get better soon...

    *YAY* i'm not the only accident prone person here... so far i've broken 30 bones. it gets kinda routine after a while, LOL. it's like "whoops... there goes another one"
  14. i remember doing a piniatta for a kids birthday and the birthdaykid hit me square in the nuts with a steel bat! must of pissed blood for a damn week. At least I didnt need em' to chew and talk though, that must suck:(
  15. That'd be funny...but I know how bad it hurts to get hit with a bat..
    all I can say is, hope ya have a speedy recovery, n get some nice gold dencers ;)

  16. LOL, that's a good one. Beat up by a little girl.:D
  17. you see that is really bad... but when I first heard it i couldn't help but smile just a little. A nine year old threw a baseball bat at you, haha that just reminds me of when I shot my brother in the right buttock with an airgun at point blank range when i was seven- KIDS ARE EVIL!!!

  18. On purpose?
  19. LOL

    It's funny how you guys care if he can smoke or not but don't bother to wonder if he's eating whole foods!

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