Yeeeah 420 check it out and hit it up at 4/20 on 4:20

Discussion in 'General' started by Doggmann420, Apr 20, 2006.

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    Hit it up on 4/20 at 4:20 for KMK new song and video
  2. god! what is your obsession with kottonmouth kings? like i don't think they're good, but that doesn't mean you cant think they're good, but does every single thread you make have to be kottonmouth kings? nevermind nevermind we shan't fight on this glorious holiday
  3. I cant. 4:20 PM is less then 5 minutes away.

    Gotta be outside n blaze.
  4. I made it just in time haha
  5. Nine more minutes...:D
  6. Damn, What a day.

    Woke up, Had to leave with the quickness. Was up at the spot i had to be at to meet up with my homie a lil after noon. Got there, Bout a $30. Blazed a couple bowls with the dealer matching.

    Went back to the spot. Smoked down.

    He had to leave by 4 or something.

    Went back here, Blazed down at 4:20 PM. Called some people up. Got ahold of lil gordy my homie. Hes 14 but hes a hustlin lil pimp.

    Went over there and met up with this girl i kinda knew, Shes fine and she was feelin me. And was with gordy. Matched joints.

    Two other dudes came by later and matched a joint.

    Lil gordy and the dudes took off to cut lawns to get money.

    Alicia and me took off to my homie miracles.

    We talked on the way an everything. Gettin to know her tryin to push up on her.

    And we got there, Dude gus is out there. Hes in the video i made a couple days ago. Hes the one in the blue hoodie lookin all fucked up.

    Chilled with gus which i aient seen ina couple years. And we talked about ol shit.

    Miracle lookin for 2 oz's for 2 bills.

    Alot of people dry on 4:20.

    We got a lead on one dude, Headed to gus's. Said call back in 30, He aient answer.

    Had another dude and had to drive a long ass way. Alicia knew him and i found out i knew him when i seen him. I go to adult ed with him.

    We up in the PJ's find this dude. He says my homie needs to grab the money and go down the street and come back with it.

    Shit man, Take off with 2 bills my ass. Miriacle and gus aient stupid and are some tough dudes. We aient fallin for no bullshit.

    Dropped alicia off and headed back to our hood. I was supposed to meet up with a couple boys taking the bus from rouge out here. I was suposed to be at the spot at 8PM now. I aient get there till almost 9. They aient got no cell phone or know nobody out here. So that sucked.

    I aient had a bag on me and couldnt get home.

    We walked around, I was callin people.

    Called lil gordy and hes fucking some bitch.

    Called my boy arron and he was close by.

    Came and scooped us up with a qtr and a fat joint rolled up with his bitch.

    Ive knewn her for awhile, They jus meetin my two boys for the first time. I knew arron for awhile.

    So we had to go to some place. Meet up with this dude to beat this guys ass. Some guy took a hockey stick to arrons boys truck so we went there. 9 so people jump out between our car and they truck and roll on this fool. His grandpa comes out with a shotty in nothing but his boxers fer real. I laughed at this shit.

    The ma said shell give him her insurauce shit as long as nothing happens.

    We bounced and smoked down.

    He had to leave.

    Dropped us off at a parknglot, We walked to this school and smoked the roach.

    Then around 10:15 or so we parted ways. They got on the bus i walked down the street to my crib.

    Came here, Opened the door. Went to my room. Put on my southpole sweats, Took off my shirt put on a wife beater. And had a bowl packed. Went to my bros room and smoked him out.

    Came in here and wrote this whole thing.

    Now im about to blaze down again.

    Happy 4:20 ya'll.
  7. my 4/20 has 5 minutes left hittin the last bowl...

    :( :(

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