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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by RazorRy, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. new here so i jsu thought id share my story......about two years ago i was comin back from a party and this kid we were wit wad drunk as fuck...some girl cockblocked his ass so he started throwin chairs and screamin outside....(keep in mind this was on campus) the cops came thinkin there was a fight while we were smokin his ass up to calm him down.....cops came in, smelled the kb and found it and busted my ass...nothin like gettin caught for someone you hate ya know, especially when you didnt do anything wrong and your the only one busted not whole thing is this.....does anyone know anything about the laws in jersey????........i know i was charged wit simple possession of a controlled substance under 50 g's and this is my first time.....anyone know how to get this off my record or how long i need to wait????
  2. First off...that sucks dawg...for real..I feel your pain

    second...check for laws on your specific state

    again sorry to hear that

    peace dawg
  3. thanks man for the site.....i checked and its only a misdemeanor which is dope......but i need that shit off my record to resume my career ya it looks like im waitin five years out.....good thing two already got knocked off.......thanks again......peaceeeeeeeeeeeee

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