Yeah, pothead could be most populer guy in school...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 0penMind, Sep 11, 2009.

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  2. Don't claim to be a pothead here if you:
    A) Can't handle your weed
    B) Fantasize about getting hot girls when you're high
    C) Think about Itialian bodybuilders when you're high
  3. Exactly
  4. you're a noob simply because you use the term "popular guy". post again once you're admitted into college.
  5. STFU Mr. 48 posts. You're a n00b yourself.

    I'm in highschool. Victory Lap mothafuka!
  6. i honestly dont know what the fuck ANYONE is talking about in this thread
  7. who cares how many posts he has? u call him a noob for having less then you should i call you a noob for having way less then me? its just a forum...
  8. me and you both homie
  9. Chill bro. If he can dish it out like that, uncalled for, then he can take it (in jest):cool:
  10. this post amplifies your immaturity. oh, so i'm a noob, yes, because i don't spend my entire day on the internet racking up posts. you really are a stupid fuck. i look forward to one of your future threads saying "guys...:(...i didn't get admitted into any college because, quite frankly, i'm a dumbass." STFU.
  11. Stop posting and it goes away.
  12. Who says im a dumbass, i just procrastinate. I can do that, i go to a self paced school.

    I chose to take Victory Lap so i could get more credentials, so i can get into film school. So frankly, you have no idea what you are talking about.

  13. There are good film schools in Hamilton? hmm...

  14. Same here man..same here:confused:
  15. it's like i walked in halfway through a conversation...
  16. Wait, what?
  17. wheres the pics of weed and hot girls??
  18. ummm you smoke weed so that makes you the most popular person in school? If thats what you mean then you sir are a douche. When has it been cool to be a pothead? If its cool I want the people who call me a pothead to come apologise to me :mad:

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