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  1. So I'm living with my uncle for the summer and I was mowing the lawn with his shitty riding mower. So every time i mow the lawn i smoke a bowl, it makes things so much more entertaining :D. So about half way through the lawn and one bowl down i stop to grab some munchies. So i put it in nuetral and went to pull the park brake (cuz if i don't it creeps forward slowly and i've forgotten it was on before and found it crashed into the woods)... So anyway i go to pull the brake as i'm getting off and instead pull the shifter into reverse and my high ass falls off the mower. So I'm sitting on the ground watching the mower speeding backwards towards the lake and my initial reaction was 'sweet there's an excuse for him to buy a new mower!' but then i was wait no oh shit i need to stop this, he'd be pissed if i crashed his mower into the lake! so i get up and sprint to the mower and put it back into neutral right before it started rolling down the bank to the lake. So yeah, i almost fucked shit up real bad, I can just hear my uncle 'yeah we had to get a new mower cuz my nephew was so high he crashed the old one into the lake!' shit... :smoke:
  2. shitty riding mower???? shit I wish I owned a fucking shitty riding mower, beats my shitty push mower haha. Nice save man!! He would have made you go in there and fish it out!
  3. My lawnmower stories are endless, my primary source of income for years back at my parents house was mowing the neighbor's lawn with a push (and eventually a rider) mower.

    I've ran into trees, lakes, large rocks and rabbits.

    We only had to replace the mower twice though (had to replace the blade dozens of times)
  4. atleast it was more exciting than it normally is mowing the lawn
  5. haha. awsome! I can imagine that would be fun.. Id get real baked, throw on the ipod and have a cooler full of beer right next to me. convince him to buy a new one; tell him how much better his yard would look with a decked out mower, tell him his current one is out of date and polluting the environment. haha
  6. dude that's classic. good job on saving the mower.
  7. haha yeah, this one is from like the 80's, it blows and it is polluting, the exhaust is thick black, i've never mowe an not had some sort of problem with it. I just replaced the blade cuz the last time i mowed i thought i could drive over this big mound of dirt only it was way more solid than i thought and i fucked it up real bad. and he has a big yard so if i used the push mower it would take me a solid 3 hours
  8. Riding mowers are your friend.

    A shitty push mower is worse.. let me tell you.
  9. When I worked at a golf course for one season, me and two other guys made friends quickly. One of us would be mowing the fairway while the other would mow the rough. We would light doobies then pass em to eachother as our paths met. We used to race the mowers back to the shop at the end of the day. Some chick that worked there totalled a toro on her first day. That was one of the best jobs ive ever had. So many times times i would be blazing a doobie ripping around a corner just to see my boss in time to slow down and snuff the joint. One time I had to hold in a hoot as I drove by him haha I had a good laugh about that one.

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