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Yeah a drug test thread, but it's different this time.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sad Panda, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Well, I thought I was lucky that my PO didn't want to randomly test me, but the court-ordered "drug education" classes ARE testing me every week. I just took a baseline test (I've been smoking every day's going to be off the charts).

    So I don't need to PASS the next test, I just have to get the metabolites down enough so they don't think I've smoked more.

    But I'm not stupid, I'm not going to smoke up until next week and expect a miracle. My question, though, is this: I have about a gram left in my stash, and since I won't be able to see it again for a month again anyway, is it worth it to make myself a good-bye MJ blunt? I can do the drinking water and Vitamin B-12 thing the day of the test as well...but will one day of smoking keep my THC count from going down next week?

    Physically, I'm very skinny, 5'7 (120 lbs). I know I have a high metabolism, but is it high enough?

    And I've already used "Search" and gone to erowid, all of that stuff is based around PASSING a test. I don't need to pass, I just need to fail less.
  2. Smoke that fatty ASAP, if you're going to. Either way it's going to go down, but if you choose not to smoke it it will be even lower. You can't really ask the city if "it's worth it" to them, because it only matters if it's worth it to you.
  3. "Either way it's going to go down"

    Actually, that was all the information I was looking for. Thanks thccrystals.
  4. Ya man smoke that shit up, and enjoy it. I doubt theyll be able to tell very accuratly if you dont have to 100% pass it.

  5. Oh man! LOL
    As much as the situation sucks for you, I've never heard anybody say that before.

    Dude, you know what you gotta do. Your system is going to be screaming I'm a raging pot smoker, so fuck it. You gotta have one last go!

  6. No problem mang. So how was is?
  7. If I were you, I wouldn't smoke it. I'd uhhh, private message me, and uhhh, get my address and uhhh, send it this way. Hah, just playing man. Toke up, assuming you feel comfortable with the whole testing situation.
  8. ur on kiddie PO then

    real criminal PO they urine tests almost every time u go

    and dont forget those breathalizers
    im on probation for 3 years for burglary that got talked down to criminal trespassing, it blows but hey wut r u gonna do?

    ive passed every test with cranberry pills and water, lots of water, and a coke

  9. Heh, when I first read that, I didn't see the "a" before coke, kinda cracked me up.

  10. Actually, I'm 19. The prosecutor just didn't recommend random drug tests, so the judge didn't order it. The prosecutor was actually pretty cool, it was just the pigs that arrested me that were fucktards.

    And, in the end, I decided not to smoke more than a nice big hit (I had a lot more than that). I really don't want to fail out of Drugs are Bad Class and have to wait even longer to smoke, so I'll just go clean for a month. No problem.

    Now, where's that salvia? (Yes, I actually like it. It's reallly weird, and pretty damn cool imo. But I see how a lot of people could not like it.)

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