ye be heros? nay, we be but simple men

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  1. So last night we were partying at ____ and we decided that it would be a good idea to go to the top of a hill by his house and smoke a bowl over looking ______ and _______. Were up there and ____ pretty fucked up smoking a cig. We smoke the bowl and go back to _______ house to play some more beer pong. I finally won a game winning me a cig. so we go outside to enjoy the smoke break.

    ______ looks up onto the side of the hill and says holy shit. We look and there is a raging fire, i figure "maybe the neighbors are having a bonfire.". _____ says no man thats where we smoke the bowl, so ____ and I haul ass up the hill jumping one fence and some how completely by pass the second fence. We see that the two logs we were sitting on were now blazing like a oven. I pull of my shirt and start beating the shit out of some random logs and grass that was on fire while mike stomped out the embers. ___ and ___, being the brilliant men they are, brought two gallons of water and a soaked towel. 6 gallons later we put out the fire and soaked the logs.

    After putting out the fire we did a recap on what just happened and how. ___ recalled ____ putting his burning cig. butt in the log and walking away. But ____ was passed out on the couch so we slapped him around a little untill he woke up then we let him know of his mistake. He then got in his car and left, crazy bastard.

    We pretty much saved ______ from burning to the ground. You can thank us later.
  2. lmao nice.

    +rep for saving evergreen and for the title of the thread:hello:
  3. hahaha way to go man

    i would of been really pissed had you burned down the fuckig forest

    and whats your name dude?!

    i know a mike brian cody and corey that all live in conifer/evergreen
  4. Hahaaha lmfao @ the title

    ++rep when I can

    hells yeah man...good on you..i woulda punched that dude to wake him up..let him kno how fucked it was that he just left like that after...
  6. niiiice,

    i woulda tossed a lit cigarette on him while he was passed out. . .

    sleeping like a log


  7. Thanks for the rep. Definitely a life changing experience.
  8. Haha intresting situation you were in bro next time your buddy shouldnt be allowed to handle anything flammable haha
  9. I thought this was a mad lib at first haha.

    Great story though.

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