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Yay/Nay: People who only sell low grade...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Capnfalconpunch, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. I've noticed that pretty much all of the people I personally know who only sell low grade are shady as fuck. I'm not painting everyone with the same brush though, I know some people simply don't have the money or connections to get the good stuff but the people here who fuck with dank are a lot more professional than the people who only mess with schwag/mids. Like I'm talking about 4 grams of commercial mids/borderline schwag for 40 dollars, if they do have "dat loud" it's ridiculously tiny and mostly shake. Either because they hold it in such high regard or they're just shitheads.

    Tl;dr: agree or disagree, most people who only sell low grade are usually shady
  2. Last time I saw low grade was when I was living in Las Vegas, it was called Stress (basically mexican brick weed) and the only people who sold it were dropouts :unsure:
  3. totally agree, fuckin jesse pinkman ass motherfuckers
  4. I have a legit Mids connect. And hes 100% professional with it. Ive asked him plenty of times why he sells mids instead of the dankness. He said that the dankness is too expensive to buy and sell (im sure if he were to grow he would have a different opinion) and the mids actually sell good. And there good mids too. He says his customers mostly consume of Hispanics and he sells bulks of mids to his White clients. Its Baltimore so it sorta made sense lol.
    but yea i sorta agree with OP. 
  5. wish i could get a good mids hookup..people will still pay 40-50 a q here in michigan if they cant get cheap dank
  6. verry few hustlers are pro when it comes to the shitty shit...reason being because the growers who proceed to "grow" the reggie are just trying to push their shitty ass product as well. when i was slanging, i always strived to be anything but shady, but twas a different world back then....all in all, everyone just tryin to get hiigh man haha.
  7. I mean reggie connects could come in handy sometime if you ever wanna buy reggie I guess lmao but I agree, they are usually trashy.
  8. u sound like my dawg from cali, man i hate that stress lol he was from some desert
  9. Lol, thats cause when they have " dat loud " ...finally, they keep the good nugs for themselves and sell the rest
  10. there is less money to be made in the killer green sales unless you grow.
    You get a kilo of brickweed for 800 and you are in business. Huge profit.
  11. I totally agree with you. 
  12. I use mids to bake, so I have to deal with the shady mid dealers at least once a month.
  13. Fuck I wouldn't mess with them at all.
    yea i used to get bright green mexican brick for 800 which was good way up here in michigan and sell $100ozs all day..then id buy 2 and be making $1600 profit ..granted you can make way more if you grow but not bad for not doing anything.. i wasnt shady though i was the only steady hookup that was never out
  15. Then there is the fuckhead green dealing middle man who gets you 3 grams of wet bud for $45 lame ass bags for top dollar.
    I say the greedy dank dealer is a bigger cocksucker.
    yup just ran into one of those..90 for 6 grams (15 a gram) but you get one gram free lol...just say 90 a quarter ya dickhead and thats a real shitty price for here i just laughed
  17. One of my brothers used to sell straight schwag. Great guy tho.
  18. I agree with op, lot of reggie dealers in my area can be dicks or try to charge top-dollar for their mids. They never really have loyal customers, people only go to them when they have to and they never last long.
    One exception though, I knew a guy who only sold low-grade shit for years, middle-aged guy with a family and full-time job. He was very discreet, professional, and courteous, but he only dealt with seedy brick. Made some good money doing it too.

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