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YAY! my best yet...

Discussion in 'General' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. yay my err highest yet....my gole for to day is to get up to at lest 3ed place:-D

    1 TheHempress
    2 hippie john
    3 Stylez1877
    4 smokin&tokin
    5 MrSmokebigbuds
    6 phunkyphil
    7 MSMJ
    8 sidious
    9 Hatebreeder
    10 Aurora
  2. What are you talkin about?

    What are you gonna do with that muffin man?
  3. i can see them oplate are kickin in
  4. woah.. im on the top 10 :)

    i feel special now
  5. just wait till vacation time... i'll take a day and be online for 24 hours straight and post like hell. ha, i'll get a 1000 posts done in one day easy.

    or i might just get stoned, go out and oogle the girls at the beach :)
  6. normally i would question why such a menial honor would make you feel so special, but you seem so damn happy so rock on
  7. what is that a list of (hope its not your "people i want to kill" list, cause' i'm number 2!:))
  8. yeah dude, you're on my list. number 2 nonetheless. watch over your shoulder, i'm gonna get ya' soon.... muhahahahaha
  9. LOL!!!!, nah i love u all,

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