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  1. alright so i met this chick about 2 weeks ago and we have 2 classes together so i thought alright im gonna get this girl. well its been two weeks and we very happy when were together and everything just seems to click between us. Oh by the way i fell way hard for her.

    so heres the problem. another guy asked her out on new years and she said yea. well she has yet to break it off with him even tho i keep getting told im way better and she will soon enough. now im trying really hard to just let it slide but every day i keep falling further and further for her. like really she has captured my heart. well tonight i was with her and a few of her friends just hanging at a bar. we were playing pool and having a great time and i leaned over for a kiss and was rejected with, "i dont want to do anything publicly yet because we arent together" so i asked her if she had a timeline for breaking it off so we could finally start a real relationship. i was then told that she didnt have any idea but didnt want to rush things. yea that kinda ended my fun for the night.

    so im trying really hard to win her over. doing all the cheesy shit too, poems, flowers, all that. im mean for valentines day im making a bouquet of origami flowers in her favorite color, along with a butterfly (the butterfly is because she said she doesnt feel the butterflies with this other guy anymore) so im gonna make her one and write love poems all over it so i can say if your ever not feeling butterflies with me than just read a poem and you will.

    on valentines day i have a wonderful day planned and i might ruin it because im gonna have to bring up this other guy cause i cant go on not knowing whether this is serious or not. she seems like shes worried for some reason and ive put my heart and soul into making this work so im scared that i may ruin a great thing.

    so my question is how would you go about bringing this up in a respectable way without seeming overbearing

    im just worried that i may ruin probably the most true love ive ever felt because she wont break it off with this other guy. this may ruin me too because i had my heart broken about a year ago and this is the first time ive even considered a relationship since then. o did i mention i fell hard for this girl, like tripped down a flight of concrete stairs hard

    o btw i didnt know she had a boyfriend until a few days ago.
  2. you mentioned something along the lines of you falling hard....

    but i think you fell waaaaaayyy too hard.

    let her know you're interested and cut that shit off there. have some self-respect and find someone else. if she wants you though she'll come back.

    i mean it's cool you want her so bad, but even if you do get with her you're pretty much prepping yourself to get whipped.

    bitches aint shit
  3. yea i dont know why i fell so hard man. she seems perfect for me like the type of person i can sit with for hours and not say a word and yet we both have a great time doing it, and this is from experience too not just speculating. im not gonna get whipped for one reason, shes not that type of person. even on our date she was upset that i payed like complained but not to much.
  4. Dude, just act like you're not interested, she'll be all like "Why isn't he giving me attention?" and then she'll be giving you the attention instead of the other way around. Or if she's not interested she's not interested, there's not much you can do then. Just let things flow and everything will take their course.

  5. this man speaks the truth!
  6. agreed.
  7. If you keep doing what you are doing you will be on the office speaker phone soon enough.

  8. if you do this she will never, ever touch your penis.
  9. god you are going to be so whipped

    you think she wont do that but half a year into a relationship shit changes and it will be so slow you don't even know

    it happens to the best of us

  10. way past that point man:cool: wat no faith. just cuz we aint dating doesnt mean i aint getting any:D
  11. Personally I'd stay far away from a girl who is seeing someone else but will still screw around with you.
  12. get rid of that hoe.

  13. i quote Too Short:

    Just the first ***** that came along when the bitch got out the pen
    Bitch only fuckin witchu cause you had a good ass job, ***** nerd
    Treat the bitch better than anybody ever treated her
    Stupid ass *****
    She ain't nuttin but a hoe!
    Bet you fell in love with her man!
    You can't turn a hoe into a housewife fool
    Everytime you turn your back that bitch is fuckin with dem gangstas
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    I would agree, if she is with him and screwing around with you...whats to think she wouldnt do the same thing to you? If you really want her tho, STOP TRYING TO HARD. I have learnt this the hardway. She knows you like her. Just let it be man. Just be there to support her, and if and when she does break up with her bf, she will come to you for support.

    You being up her ass all the time with the poem bull shit just makes her think she can have you and her bf. Back off and let time take its course. Just my 2cents
  15. Bro, you are getting played. I'm surprised you can't see it, it's so obvious. Drop this chick dude, 2 weeks is nothing. Just cut ends now, so you don't actually fall for her while she's out with some other guy treating you like shit.
  16. i think she be leading you on dude...i mean she probably does like you, or maybe used to like you at some point, but i wouldn't be suprised if you she hits you with the whole "just friends" thing...
  17. Yes she's playing him. He should also learn the difference between infatuation and being in love, but something tells me he's a bit too young to know the difference yet.
  18. im not the one being treated badly. its her current bf. we spend more time together than they do and she complains about him every time i see/talk to her after shes been with him. i think this was like her first love or somthing cuz she just wont let him go. o well fuck it if it dont work than i only wasted 100 bux or so and a few weeks of my short life.
  19. Sounds like she's playing you both to me. Best of luck anyways. I know the type.
  20. yea thats what im talkin about she's talkin to you bout all the shit she's going through with this other guy. if she really liked you that much then she woulda left him already...your in the friend zone yo. leave while u still can!

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