Yay!! 3 More Supa Cool Mods!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cowboysaxman, Mar 8, 2002.

  1. 3 CHEER'S for Grasscity's new General Growing Forum Moderator's, HIP,..........NO, HIT, HIT, HIT A "J" !!:hello:......NO, :smoke: :smoke: :smoking: They may be new as Mods, but these 3 have a tremendous amount of information to share with us all!!! And the really cool thing is that there are sooooooooooo many others here at the CITY that share their weed wisdom with us, that I wouldn't even begin to list them. I would fear offending someone by leaving them off, and it would be impossible,as new citizen's join us daily, increasing our pool of "GANJA GURU'S". I'm finally fixin' to be in the position to grow a lil' Beauty or two for myself, so won't be long before I'm here hollerin' for HELP!! THANK'S TO ALL THE MODS. AT GRASSCITY for their time and assistance!!![​IMG]
  2. you said it CSM, They are the biggest help since viagra, I don't know about the viagra from personal experience though.

    They've helped me to not kill my kids yet, I am Raising my bic in tribute to the Greats of Ganja, after I light this doobie.
  3. im sure WOODY knows ALLLlllll about viagra ;)

    just screwin man..

  4. Critter and Unoit know a thousand times more about growing than I do, but I hope I can do a good job.
  5. with combined effort,,,we will try to do the best we can to assist,and provide quality growing info.....

    LOL...not well versed on viagra...can't help any on that one.........woody.......lol

  6. well i finally know what i got,not a disease, i have one boy and one girl. Sorry to say that their relationship is over though. They were separated today. Now i gotta put a timer on two cabinets, let him get a little bigger before i end his career as a plant, and starts a new one as a bowl or joint or whatever i want him to be. lol
  7. Sorry for reacting so late, I'm real happy that woody, BPP and Ndica have agreed to be moderators. Super! Thanks guys, i hope you will like this assignment in the City :)

    Peace SJ
  8. I know they'll all be very good Moderators.

    SJ you made a very good choice.

    Congrads to the new mods!

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