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Yankees and sweet tea

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, May 31, 2002.

  1. I am starting a weekly rant thread and here is the first installment

    What the fuck is up with yankees and sweet tea? i happen to live in the heart of Dixie and sweet tea at a restaurant is mandatory when applying for a business liscence. I can go to the mexican restaurant and get sweet tea, sam goes at chines, thai, american, fast food, etc. But a trend I've noticed over the past weekend is that some places only serve unsweet tea and then expect you to add your own sugar. What is the deal with that. The only people that I knopw that drink unsweet tea are the people that add the pink or blue sugar. But now some places only make unsweet tea and expect you the customer to finish the job.

    I think this is another yankee conspiracy or another chapter of the reconstructions meant to punish the south after the war between the states.

    Now for all my yankee friends who have never heard of sweet tea OR who don't know how to make it follow these directions.

    Take two bags and drop them in boiling water (I also hate that stupid sun brewed tea, but that's another story)

    Pour the brewed tea while still hot into a pitcher.

    ADD SUGAR AND STIR (see that's not so damn hard)

    Add some more cold water to the pitcher and serve over ice (but not too much ice, another rant topic)

    And then drink to your hearts content. Now don't add anymore sugar, trust me it works and its sweet enough) I know , I know ther's not a pile of undissolved sugar fsunk to the bottem of the glass that requires constant stirring to keep the drink sweet. But the Hot Tea dissolved it and its FINE!

    Now after trying this recipe for a while you can add to it. try a little pink lemonade frozen concentrate for some of the sugar and you can eliminate that lemon wedge.

    Whew!!!!!! Glad to get that pff the chest!!! Enjoy the rant

    C'Ya BPP!!!!!!
  2. Just another piece of evidence that I'm NOT a freakin' YANKEE, despite being raised in No. Calif.!!! :D

    Momma ALWAYS brewed her tea, and sweetened it while hot!! It was the only way we'd drink it!! :smoke:

    PoohGator however, hates sweet tea.God knows I love that DAMN YANKEE woman!! Lmao!!
  3. LMAO folks. Tea is to be sweetened while hot and then put over ice with lemon.

    Tea rules very easy!

    Boil it so you can cool it!

    Then sweeten it so you can make it sour!

    If you still don't understand I'll explain!

    Boil it to make it hot, Then put it over ice to make it cold, then put in sugar to sweeten then add lemon to make it sour!
    I think i have made it clear. What do you guys think????

    C ya No b ya!
  4. i love sweet tea too (i too live in the south) but what's wrong with a lot of ice cubes??? i like filling my glass full of ice cubes it makes the drink so much cooler

  5. No offense to the food industry personnel who may happen to visit this page, BUT some of them fill your glass slap full to the top (slap full - now there's a southern lingo for ya') with ice and then you can only get one or two gulps of tea. Then you have to chase them down to get a refill. About half fullof ice and half full of tea keeps your refilling visits down.
  6. down here they come and refill your tea every 2 minutes
  7. TEA SHOULD BE DRUNK WITHOUT SUGAR! I drink tea w/o sugar and quite like the taste. It's nice if you drink something like english breakfast instead of miscelaneous tea.
  8. tea needs sugar, sugar makes the tea so much better, there's nothing like a glass of sweet southern tea on a hot day when you're sittin there smokin a blunt

  9. Yeah you're right!!!! :D Otherwise it's just nasty brown water!!!! Kinda reminds me of The bath water of Beakers dog Cowboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (see post Cowboy took off) :D :D :smoke:
  10. Well I'm a Yankee. BUT, my mom was from SC...and we drank sweet iced tea all the time! When we visited my relatives down south they always had a full pitcher of Lipton home brewed ice tea with alot of sugar. I still make my tea that way because I love it.

  11. We keep our tea unsweetened @ the house b/c I like mine barely sweetened w/ some lemon juice in it to make it SOUR (like BH), and PH likes his with tons of sugar and no lemon, which I can't handle the sweetness.

    But I know, tea is supposed to be made w/ sugar while the water is still hot!

    As for those waiters who refill your iced tea glass every 2 minutes... CUT IT OUT! By the time you're through with me I've drank 30 glasses of Iced Tea and am trembling w/ caffiene overload, and have to pee every 10 minutes for the next 3 hours!! lol

    And BPP what's your beef w/ sunbrewed tea? ;) My personal favorite is making Celestial Seasonings fruit-flavored sunbrewed tea...

  12. here's how you drink tea....

    first go out and buy some PROPER tea! NONE OF THIS LIPTONS SHIT!

    next make the tea by brewing it in a TEA POT (one bag/spoon for each cup of tea + 1 for the pot!!!) then add your water (HOT).

    Now pour the HOT tea into a cup (use a strainer if you are using tea which is un baged)

    add a splash of milk to make the tea a biscuit kinda brown

    there you go! TRUST ME
  13. eome, you Enlish also drink warm beer!! yuck!! :D I'm sure you brew an excellant cup of warm tea, but we're really talkin' about Iced Tea,cold , and refreshing in this Southern heat!! :D

    I also enjoy a cup or two of hot tea when I eat Chinese food, love to eat with chop-sticks too. :smoking:

  14. highya
    let me tell you as a former food industry personel the very reason why id fill the cups so full was out of pure lazyness. the more ice the shorter time id have to fill your glass.

  15. I would rather have my nuts in diped in swamp water for flavor..than drink unseet tea also.. lemons/citrus=whack but what's wrong w/ sun tea? I like it...
  16. i only drink hot tea really, sometimes sweet tea when its hot out tho, but i have been drinking losse leaf tea from this tea store and its so amazing, right now i have green tea with mango peices and sunflower petals, its very fruity, but green at the same time, i love it so much on my desk right now there are 4 empty mugs all from today.
  17. Only tea I drink is green tea.

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