Yahoooo! lol Lucky 13!!

Discussion in 'General' started by cowboysaxman, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. Gettin' off work in a few minutes, got a big fat Z, goin' to a crawfish boil,goin to the Strawberry Festival, gonna get HIGH,HIGH,HIGH,!!! Gonna be a Parrrrrrrrr T!!!! :hello: :smoking: :hippie:
  2. mmmmmmmmm strawberriess... i love to eat 'em until i get a big fat strawberry stomach ache. :*

    today was a lucky 13 for me too. Phishhead surprised me yesterday with tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, so we spent the day in Monterey, walking around, etc. Ate some ganja food goods and smoked a J on the way so we were rocked pleasantly, and we brought the borrowed digicam.

    Here's a rockin' jellyfish.

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  3. hope you enjoyed yourselfs....13's bad for me. so its just as well im late! .,...but i just got to tell ya the BEST fruit dip fer yer berries.....
    1 big jar of marshmellow fluff
    1 package creamcheese
    blended smoooth.....
    and sprinkled with cinnamon
  4. I used to have a year pass to the longbeach aquarium and used to go and take tons of pics. Fish are just weird to look at. =)

  5. This was a good day to stick in the ole' "HappyPlace" file for sure!! :hello:

    SAT) Had to work for Lil' while in am, but was cool, was BLAZED!! Had just gotten a z. Got off and went to crawfish boil, Damn them things are good!! While there, met a rock-solid connection, and hooked up another z at a bargin. ( About this time I'm waiting for the phone to ring, with some kind of horrible news! LOL, things NEVER go this good!!)
    Partyed a bit at Strawberry Festival!! :smoke:
    critter, here in the South, they deep-fry EVERYTHING!! lol. And the deep-fried strawberries are REALLY good. Berries are washed then dipped in a cinnamon pancake batter, then deep-fried, then they drizzle icing and powdered sugar on them.......yummmm!
    Highawatha, that dip sounds good, I love fruit dips! :smoke:

    ganjaphish, they have strawberry EVERYTHING at this festival!!! LOL If I started listing them, i would sound like "Bubba" in Forest Gump, with his list of shrimp recipes!! lmao ( I love that movie! )

    Back to lucky 13.....
    After partying, we decide to eat at a local restraunt. Before going in, I empty my pockets of anything that I don't want fallin' out of my pocket ( a empty plastic chew-can that has about 1/4 z in it )!!!! Finish eatin', get back in car, get nearly half way home, when I go to lookin' for my stash. I ask PoohGator if she's seen it, she says, "yeah, it felt empty, so I through it out!!! OMG!! our youngest son is in back seat, so I use the ole' parents code to tell her what was in that empty can!! lol We turn around, go back to the restraunt, and sure enough, it's still laying there!!!!!! LUCKY 13 again!! Can was crushed, but weed in bag insde was fine!! LOL
    Get home, kick back, and bong our faces off!! :smoking:

    SUN) PoohGator goes in to work a Lil' while, so I can sleep in ( God I love that Woman!! ) Go with son to fry more strawberries at Festival. Get del. another z later.
    Meet PoohGator and procede to smoke as much as we can, as quick as we can...............We've decided to get TATTOO's!! LMAO, And BPP, not the kind you had on in Nawlin's. The never wash off, Momma' gonna cuss ya kind!! lol
    I got a music note with flames, on my shoulder, DIDNOT HURT!! PoohGator got a cowboy-poohbear on face of thigh, and nearly passed out!! Said later, she wished she'd of picked a littler one!! Lmao!! :hippie:
    But all ends well, as we are supplied for both medication, and recreation for awhile!! Like right now!! :wave: :smoking:
  6. Oh puffy...a washoff? oh im laughin atcha :D
    the only thing i can thinkof thats worse, is a big ole prego belly and a handful of washoff tats. only they dont washoff if your skins strethed reallly tight and whats cute and funny at home is really really embarrising at the dr.s office.
    cowboy, your ladys defense hers is in a more tender area :) us being soft n all.
  7. lol Higha, bet ya was real cute though!! :wave: Did your Dr. giggle?

    I have to give BPP credit, it's not hard to see that he is a patient and caring father. He actually had those cute Lil' stick-on tattoo's all over, and later posted that he'd let them paint his toe-nails too!! I look back so fondly at simular escapades with my Baby girl (now 22yrs. lol)

    higha, I wasn't laughin' at PoohGator, lol ok, just a Lil', But mostly with her!! We were kinda' daring each other, as we were walkin' in she whispered in my ear, " I never thought you'd really do this!" Then mine was fairly simple, so I was done in a flash, and she's got this OMG look on her face!! It was in a trailer at the Festival, and the freakin' AC wasn't workin' with a Damn!! She was a real Trooper though, and wasn't about to back out!! I gave her some Ice-water and she was fine.Her's is more sore than mine, but has more color, and is larger. Besides being in a more tender place!!!!!
    Both Tattoo's turned out cool though, and we'll post a shot of em' if we ever get capable!! lol :smoking:

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