Yahooka lives!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by cowboysaxman, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. Yahooka is back on line fellow dual-posters!! The CITY is home but it's damn nice to yak at old friends again!!:smoking:
  2. I'm not sure I want to waste my time there anymore.

    I mean the damn place could crash tomorrow....and nobody running it cares!!

    Look at our Board. They are running around like mad to fix typos!!!!! Now that is SERVICE. Service with a smile cause ya know spidey's stoned!!
  3. [​IMG] laughing at the mental pic of superjoint scrambling across his web to fix typo's!! But nate, unoit gave me a wake-up call on the post on whether we thought yahooka would return. We can't afford to lose ANY voice in support of the Herb Superb!!! Apathetic, and fearful, and combative, we have NO voice, and NO chance of legalization!! We will continued to be banned from the use of a miracle gift of nature!! [​IMG]
  4. my ass!! Cause I just visited after I posted that and it's STILL down. I don't have some kinda super computer so maybe I just can't get in.

    So you tell me how a bunch of bratty kiddies who smoke bananna peels and munch a box of dramamine can even be considered legit in the fight to freedom? I mean come on. If you asked them how many want to legalize mj...of course they all would say yes.

    My point is the responsibility lies in ALL of us, including the people who are running that board. If I am a voice in can I be heard if my medium is always on the fucking fritz! I have been there for maybe a year. It is always fucking broken down. In the 5 or 6 mo I have been hanging here at the city.....ONCE, and for only a couple of hours.

    My voice is a tiny one, my time is precious, and my patience has worn completely away with yahooka. Plain and simple. But hey! If I want 23 ways to drink Robotussin and catch a buzz I got a place to go.

    Don't get me wrong Cowboy...I love ya like your long lost red-headed step-sister!!! I just have HAD IT!! Hell have no fury like a woman scorned, over and over and over!
  5. Yahooka has its place, and unfortunately that place is not with me. I think another 'voice' is always helpful and anything that helps our cause should not be shunned. But for posting actual information etc. I think ill stay right here. =)

  6. Never in my existence of childhood did I consume any and every household product to catch a buzz. I am guilty of drinking Old Crow once. Once.

    I just feel that SINCE mj is illegal, the kiddies are jumping at a chance to find cheaper, legal, and easily accessible substitues. It just seems the same as the kids who back in the day would smoke jimson weed or eat morning glory seeds, and proceed to end up in the hospital.

    We have the right as stated in our constitution, to assemble, and to the right to free speech. Lets concentrate on the issue of educating people on the positives of mj.

    A board like yahooka may attract members who are also mj smokers, but it fails to stimulate any advancement toward legalization. Look at Govenor. We should be so lucky that this man is constantly sticking his neck out on the line for his freedom. So that others may have the fruits of his labors.

    Instead of concentrating on how to get fuct up, lets teach them the ropes of responsible using.

    But since this board is cool...I don't have to worry about it.

  7. Heh my grandpa found an old bottle of that crap at his house and gave it to me. Blech! I have a few friends who nip at it when they come over.

    I smoked pot, umm, I think 3 times in high school. Yeah I drank a lot, though. Responsible use is the key and I just can't relate to the kids at yahooka but they have a right to post just like we do. I just don't go there very often anymore.
  8. Oh ............I'm perty sure we'll be ready if and when the 'kids' come here.:)

    Something bigger than 'kids' is going on at Yahooka's site .Even with improved security they are constantly being attacked. I'd bet Grasscity will get alot of attacks as time goes on too. Most Marijuana related sites do.

    In Lunaria's defense (as if she needs my 2 cents) ,She and ZigZagMan realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly only work on the site ,on an extremely limited part time sort of a hobby .It simply kept growing. :) Now it is at a point where it may very well just be too much hastle to try to keep the site maintained/defended.

    That's my story..........and I'm stickin' to it !
  9. All have valid points.........roach has stated where the trouble truly could be a time consuming hassle,,yet even though many are frustrated.....we must remember the big picture.....Unity..peace


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