yahoo answers brought me the truth of cannabis

Discussion in 'General' started by success, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Wow I better quit smoking weed, I wouldnt want to overdose.
  2. Dude I think im ODing right now on some frosted flakes
  3. My neighbour od'd on weed man, not cool

  4. I would definitely want to overdose on weed :smoke:
  5. Looks like it was written by a middle-school student.

  6. me too :bongin:
  7. Ahhh I remember, Ole Jimmy up on the boulevard. Good man, good man
  8. That guy is a dumbshit ...... Actually eating weed everyday lowers your chance of a stroke even fox aired it on the news
  9. Overdosing doesn't inherently mean death. Overdose- an excessive dose. Ever green out? Well ya OD'd.
  10. That guy looks like a prick...

    'Two guys who were smoking weed dropped out of their courses'

    Well, those two guys probably had a good reason, or they could just be slackers :confused: but those are only 2 out of the countless people who go to college and smoke weed.

  11. Overdose is such a pointless word and has a very loose definition.
  12. [​IMG]

    I had to, you avatar called for this sort of funny business.

  13. I will try it just give me decent ammount of supplies.

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