yaaaa!!!! i got a new light!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by lotsofmaryjane, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. hey whats up gc,
    hey what do u think of my new light is it goo or did i waste 8 dollers.lotofmaryjane

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  2. yea man, the more lights the better but i dont think thats going to improve your results much. the only way your gonna be able to so much as mimic the real sun is with a hps or mh system and thats a whole hell of a lot more light than what youve got there. If your new and unsure try growing outdoors for the first time and get a feel for what a plants natural conditions are.
  3. That will work fine, just get a few more and stick a few 150 watt CFL's in there and you are good to go :D
  4. i guess that would work with some compact florescent's...better than no reflector at all...
    good luck,
    scary visionary.
  5. hey thanks alot gc i put that light a little to close it burned a couple of leafs and killed them i cut them of with some pruners that will be ok right.lotsofmaryjane
  6. Is that a fluorescent bulb? Because if it is not it will not grow your pot and that explains why they got burned. If it is CFL, you should be able to put it within 2-3 inches from the tops of the plant without a problem.

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