XXXtreme 8 FIRE!!

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by WIC, May 3, 2011.

  1. Set up a new flower room using multiple XXXtreme 8 hoods with Lumatek 1000W 240V digital ballast.

    On the second day of running the lights (12x12) I was sitting in the living room and heard a snapping/sizzling sound. When I entered the room there was smoke and flames coming from one of the hoods. I unplugged the light and put out the fire but now I am worried that the other units might fail when I'm not home.

    Has anybody else had this problem using these units or this setup?

  2. LED salesman?
  3. probably just a wiring fluke in the bulb socket. still dont know how it didnt trip one of the breakers.

  4. For real, man. LMFAO!!!
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    Yes, the fire was in the bulb socket. Took the hood and bulb back to where I bought it and they gave me another at no cost.

    As stated above, I'm paranoid that I might have this happen again when I'm not around and was curious if anyone else had a similar experience.

    For Dizzy and scrogger...I'm not selling anything. I'm guessing that it's not an ongoing problem since no others have commented.

  6. I haven't had any problems with mine yet. Thankfully my room isn't in my house so I won't be burned to death if a fire starts and I'm sleeping.

    Goooood luck :smoke:
  7. Pictures.
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    Everyone should get firealarms when setting up a grow. I saw this automatic fire extinguisher maybe you should look into getting some of those to hang ovee your lights.

    stay safe
  9. Im just playing. Was wondering what material within the ref. or socket would actually combust. Could you show a picture?
  10. were your bulbs really tight in the socket?
  11. As stated above, I have already returned the hood and bulb to the shop and they gave me another at no charge so I can't show any pictures.

    The bulb was properly installed and the problem seems to have been in the connection from the wire to the screw in base.

    The reason for my post was to see if this was an ongoing problem and it appears to be an isolated event so I'm feeling better about that.

    Thanks for your comments.

  12. A short that did not generate enough amperage to actually trip the breaker. A very dangerous situation. Good thing you were home and caught it. I would really inspect the wiring on the other light if it is exactly the same light. Self contained automatic fire extinguishers are not that expensive. You can get models that just hang in your grow room and are temperature sensitive at like 150 deg. that way at least you might not burn down your house even if you do lose your crop.

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