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Discussion in 'General' started by Ganja Garrett, May 29, 2006.

  1. my friend is giving me 1/2 of a triple stack for free and im wondering if thats enough to get me on a nice roll?.. keep in mind i've never done it before
  2. It might be, for free, take it, and hopefully you'll have fun.
  3. yeah you will be rollin be sure too chew it up first then swallow it with some vitamin C prefarably OJ
  4. Or grind it up, wrap in in a thin tissue, rip off the excess tissue and swallow that.
  5. ive said this probably a dozen times, and i dont care. suitcase it. this is the most efficient way to roll. yes its gross, taboo, disgusting, and vile.

    trust me, youll forget those adjectives once you start rollin.

    if you dont like getting the most for your money, then snort it.

    if you really like not using a substance to its full potential, then you could at least eat it on an empty stomach. buy a gatorade or something with electrolytes (smartwater kicks ass) so dehydration wont be a problem.

    btw, for future reference..."triple stack" is normally a bullshit gimmick. not always, but usually.
  6. Never really know when a "triple stack", is in reality, a "triple stack" (Most of the time, it ain't). Free is free, though. Your, at least, in for a buzz. Have fun. :D

  7. Did you ever suitcase it then poopit out again?
  8. fuggin shweet


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