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    I personally prefer my ps3 over the xbox, I've always grown up with Sony since the Playstation 1. I prefer the ps3 controllers, and the ps3 has a better CPU, hard drive, RAM, better disc drive, video support, audio support, and better connectivity. Not to mention the blu ray drive and free online gaming. Only thing is, most of my friends play on Xbox.

    Which one do you prefer, and why?
    Which one is the better console, and why?
  2. battle of the 8 year old hardware haha
  3. They are both nice but bottom line is PS3 doesn't charge you for using a service that should be free . Also I like the dual shock 3 way better than Xbox 360 controllers
  4. I have had a PS2 and then a PS3 for 6 years and just as of last year switched to the Xbox just because all of my friends have one. I would say that they are both about the same... Only thing I don't like is the monthly payment like others have said. It just depends on what your friends have man.
  5. I'm a PS lad, and minus that dip into the world of Nintendo in the 90s, always have been.

    The PS3-exclusive games are far superior, and the online service is free. I will give Xbox a nod for more ergonomic controllers, but the dual shock is a classic. Most of my buddies are Xbox-ers too, which I don't understand, because PS3 is far superior. :p
  6. Xbox for me, been rocking it for years now, someday the ps3 will come.

    Ps. There is a gaming section.

  7. It's more of a general question. Hence the "general" :D
  8. PC

    Heh, I assembled my first PC a few weeks ago and I've been converted. I just tried playing PS3 games a few days ago and was disappointed.

    So, I think debating between PS3 vs 360 is silly. If you want to play with friends, go with the console they own. Or, look into the exclusive titles for each system and decide from there. Although, many popular games are available on multiple platforms. Out of the PS3 games I own, only four of them (that I like) are exclusives.

    Btw, there's a sticky exactly like this in the gaming section, if you want some more feedback.
  9. Have both.
    Been Sony guy since ps1.
    Like 360s games and controller better
    Like ps3s free online service layout and reliability better. (Although on my 2nd ps3 but that's only because I play it more.

    Both have Netflix so they are more or less even in my book.
    Just my .02
  10. Xbox 360 is a better system, and it has better games. (generally)

    It depends on your tastes and personal preferences.

    Do you enjoy Western or Eastern culture more?

    Ps3= Asian Culture dominated (jRPGs, anime style, puzzle, artistic)

    Xbox360= Western Culture dominated (goblins and knights, FPS, and 3rd person shooter)

    Ps3 Online = no cost

    Xbox 360 Live= cost

    Ps3 controller= meh

    Xbox 360 controller= best ever designed controller

    etc. etc.

    Also, these consoles are so old, just who cares? They are about to be replaced next year anyways.

    Also, if you are a serious gamer you play your games on the PC.

    And that is just the way it is.

    I don't take console gamers seriously. Their gameplay is slower, and their graphics will never be as shiny as mine.

  11. This thread is sweet lol
  12. Everyone I know has an Xbox. I know maybe one person with a ps3. So if you don't have any friends and want to get your credit card number stolen then go with the ps3

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