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  1. I'm been issuing a lot of problems in xbox live for past couple months. My connection to computer is great, no problems at all. I updated my firmware for modem. But when I connect to xbox live, its fine. When I play games it gets laggy and connection sucks! (red bars) My friends are complaing that everytime that I join, its gets laggy. When I create a lobby, it takes forever to get people to join. When I play SF4 online, I cannot join cause there is no bars at all which means I can't join matches.

    With the new NXE dashboard update. THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN FIND THE NAT! IT DOES NOT SHOW AT ALL!!!!

    I'm using direct modem; wired.
    Due to problems with the fucking router. I have to use modem for now.
  2. Blah theres no way to change the nat type unless you fuck with your router settings. I was on the phone with linksys for 45 mins opening ports for my router to make it work right. My connection was always fine but in gameplay it sucked and I always dropped games.

    What games do you play?
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    So you having problems too. Maybe microsoft server is piece of shit right now?

    I play shit load of games...

    I fucked my router couple months ago. I was trying screw around to figure how to change to IP static. then I fucked it somehow, and my computer can't even connect to the router at all.

  4. right now?
  5. right now what?

    So I ran command prompt, and I typed Ipconfig /renew and then it showed up unable to connect DHCP server. Going find whats the problem. (google)
  6. meaning as it always was.

  7. dude, I don't know what you're talking about.
  8. i had a problem where my connection was shitty as hell when i played COD4 online i always had 1 bar then it wud go up to 2 bars than 3 than back to 1 nd it would always do this it would be super laggy than normal than back to laggy and it got annoying but later found out it was because the wires outside were frozen bc of the ice (live in mass and the snow/cold is a bitch) but maybe u got a bad modem or sumthin or the online wire on ur 360 is cut or broken lol but hopefully u get it fixed!:smoke:
  9. My connection was always bad with my ant type set at strict. There is no way to change it unless you go into the router settings through your comp with someones help to open ports. After I did that my shit is fast as hell. But if its the DCP shit or w.e then IDK... maybe you should disconnect, and re-connect everything

  10. That the most basic fixing problem I done that all the time.

    I just found out that you can forward port, it will make it faster. But I still haven't done that. Still working on my stupid fucking piece of shit computer/modem problem. :mad:
  11. you can still tell if your xboxs nat is open. when you do a network test it will tell you afterwords there is a problem with your nat if there is.

    you updated the firmware on your modem, its probably just not compatible with xbox live.
  12. I had xboxlive for 3 years. Never had a fucking problem till couple months ago. It is compatible with xbox live. There is no way you can tell if nat is open with the fucking new NXE dashboard update. it just said, connect to xboxlive that all.
  13. ok dude. whatever you say. close your ports on your router and after you do the test it will say there seems to be a problem with your connection do you want to go to troubleshooting. and it will tell you your nat is strict.

    if it doesnt say anything theres nothing wrong with your ports (nat)

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