Xbox Black Ops Multiplayer

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by IHaveADream, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Anyone here toke up and play some black ops multiplayer on xbox? send me your gamertags!!
  2. My gt is clari7y but I don't play black ops that shit sucks ass bro.

  3. hater.

    nah but cod4 mw2 and black ops were the best of the multiplayer CODs.

    But its all the same watered down bullshit.
  4. ya i feel you black ops gets pretty fuckin annoying sometimes haha. i also play madden 11 and battlefield 1943 a lot if anyones got that shit
  5. Yea yo I play mad games! my friends and I get lifted and play xbox Haha get at me.
    GT: MediJuana
  6. haha sick bro ya ill add ya ina quick sec
  7. I just got done playin black ops. shits addicting man. my gt is skEMask93 add me brah
  8. Yeah.. Add me (gamertag: princefifa) I been playing all morning.. I'm 6th prestige...
  9. ya i will be sure to add yall. dang haha 6th prestige thats dope man. i just stick to 2
  10. Xxfrostt22xx
  11. Sauceey FTW
    add me i play pretty much errything
  12. haha sauceey i like it. im AKeating47, so if u get an add thats me haha
  13. I'd still play black ops if the hit detection weren't fucking atrocious.
  14. DanthePanda23 Add me :cool:
  15. ya bro, quite exciting
  16. MasterExploiter
    Add me, black ops is the only game I have besides gta4 lol
  17. wannab MLG

    ADD ME !!!!
  18. Serbian Zombie

    Hit me up. add me and invite me to a party. I'm down for some black ops right now, so if anybody is playing invite me
  19. Fuck yeah I play it, my GT is VanDep.

    I post some COD shit on youtube when I'm stoned. Check it out when you like

    Kanaal van MrVanDep - YouTube
  20. kTwelve 2 Trill
    Black ops?
    ill be on at night.

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