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    Gonna use the Xbox I got lying around. Not much info on them and I'm not very handy but I need something to do while waiting for my pc tower. Anyway any tips? I'll post pics when I finish.

    Edit: sorry building a piece out of my 360. Saw a pic and decided it looks fun. Plus I'm waiting on a tower from a pc grow box. Anyway I'm not especially handy any tips or advice would be helpful. It's my first home made piece as well
  2. ok... what?
  3. Fucking stoners.... :laughing:
  4.'re want to smoke out of your xbox 360? And then the PC tower is going to be for a grow?
  5. That's crazy
  6. The tower build is superfluous information. My apologies. Already broke two pens. Luckily I found non idiot tools and am now back on track... And my fingers are covered in blue ink
  7. Are you saying your trying to smoke out of your xbox, and were trying to use pens as an airtube of some kind?
    What kind of "piece" are you trying to make? And how to you plan to seal the xbox?
  8. Yeah I'm making the Xbox. Right now its just gonna be a pipe no water. I may be a bit out of my league but eh reach for the stars if you fall short you'll still hit the moon. Basically I'm gonna empty it, for sealing I have white ish duct tape, but Im still not 100% like I said not handy no guides just trying for what its worth. I'm trying to create a slide on the side and a short hose coming from the top like the one picture I saw lol original idea was to connect controller to make the whole system but that sounds dumb for smoking purposes cool for looks. Aye

  9. Gotcha,
    In that case Your best bet for a slide would be a glass slide, if you are willing to buy one or have one around, if not you can go with metal, but they may release some fumes depending on how they are finished, and also get very hot, and may melt any plastic they are connected to, which will also release fumes that you don't want to inhale. I don't know what you could use on the inside..the duct tape will probably get pretty gross after some use, so you would have to change it frequently. The way to get it to work best would probably be to run a metal tube into a glass container you put inside the xbox, and then run a hose from the container to out the top. That would make the xbox really just a case, but it would still look like you were smoking out of an xbox.
    But hey, it sounds like you have some free time...I would just look around for what you have that is non toxic and wont melt easy and isn't painted and see how you can combine them. Its pretty hard to find stuff to make a pipe that wont kill you slowly though.
  10. Uhh so you're making a smoking pipe out of an Original Xbox console? You're going to need to duct tape the vents of the case since the system is made to have airflow. I think this is a really bad idea.
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    thanks for the ideas. Took an hour just to find the right screwdriver. I like the glass inside idea. I don't plan on making this a daily, its really to be able to say I did it, it works, more like the I can't believe this is real. So the glass would be a cheat. Oh well back to work to finish taking it apart. WY more to this than I thought but I've got nothing but time.
  12. wow.
    who wants to hold up a fucking xbox when they take a toke? lmao

    if its not a bong i wouldnt say its worth the effort.
  13. The worst part is that I think he was actually really asking for help in his first post.
  14. You have to post some pictures of the build
  15. yes! if you post a milk after it would be pretty dope.

    go big man, make a Xbong.
  16. *SHE* was asking for help in her first post. Anyway I ran across some bad information and was not able to take apart the Xbox. However I did manage a ps3 prototype controller pipe. I used tape but tomorrow I'm gonna go through and superglue a bunch of the stuff I taped for a more solid seal. It's not anything amazing but it was something to do. The XBONG however will exist I just need a bit more time and planning. Sorry to you guys looking forward but I won't let you down. And you nay Sayers... Don't bring me down me trying isn't hurting you jerks. Geez.

    Anyway small hole on left handle for mouth, although I'll probably do something with that tomorrow. Bowl is some random piece I found looking for the socket wrench thingys. Yeah I'm not handy. Jaded the USB port as the carbhole.

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  17. Whats the mouth piece taste like, sweaty hands or doritos?

    Is the front were the wire used to come out a carb?
  18. My hands don't sweat; im a lady.

    Joking aside its called cleaning your controller just like you would clean anything else. It tastes like.. Idk plastic.

    Yeah, carbhole is where the cord went in. No need to make excess holes if I have on readily available
  19. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess Summer's Eve for $500.

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