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  1. Well, since I stopped smoking this is pretty much all I take now. Gotta love xanax, there's 25 bars in the picture btw. I tried to spell out "I'm back GC" with the bars, but I didn't have enough :devious:

  2. if you don't mind me asking why did you stop smoking?
  3. I had been smoking everyday for 3 years, and I started to develop major anxiety/depression/depersonalization issues, which is my fault because I was smoking everyday multiple times a day. I'm gonna stop for a while and eventually get back into it, but i'll only be smoking once a week or so.
  4. Can I has your xanax please?
  5. So what you just going to post in Pandoras now?
  6. ur telling me ur gonna go thru 25 xanax and not even smoke A LITTLE!?!?!?!? i cant help but have a bowl or two when after i pop xannies...and if i don't (remember to) pack one, theres always a smoked bowl when i wake up...lol
  7. he can post anywhere to help noobs with their buds issues if he wants but i guess he might as well chill in the Box ;)

  8. i second this. I wake up with boxes of blunts smoked, and im like fuck i dont remeber this
  9. He said earlier that he was going to stay away from the city..
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    nah i'm back posting again in every section, I deleted my 'goodbye' post, the city was too damn hard to stay away from. at first I thought looking at bud was going to make me want to smoke really badly again, but i've accepted the fact i'm not going to be smoking for a while, so it's all good. when you smoke everyday for 3 years, and you quit, the first few days your mind is a lot different, it's hard to explain, I wasn't thinking straight.
  11. So basically it was for attention?

    What i gather..

    Hate on me, i know, i know.

    But on a serious note, I wish you the best man. Take care of you first, then get back to what you love to do.
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    Not quite, if it was for attention I wouldn't have deleted my 'farewell' post, I would've kept it open...good logic though Einstein. Like I just said, when you stop smoking after smoking for an extended period of time, you get somewhat emotional, and I honestly thought at the time I wasn't going to be posting anymore. Oh, and I started reading GC again a few days ago, and so many kids like you piss me off, so that's another reason i'm posting again, too many people let faggots like you get away with smart ass comments, you've been here for less than a month, keep your mouth shut. So fuck you and have a nice day :hello:

    And to everyone else, I know what you mean about Xanax and smoking, everytime I took xanax in the past the first thing that was always on my mind was smoking, but like I said i'm determined to stop, usually I would've smoked the first time I got barred out.
  13. excuse me for not reading every thread that comes up........
  14. I could bend you over my knee.

    Calling me a kid is very flattering though considering I am 36 years old.

    So fuck you, sincerely
  15. Your excused.

    I wasn't making the point that you should.

    Just updating you.

    Now that hes mad your riding his cock.

    Come off it.
  16. no i was actually in this thread for a while and didn't see his post come up until i reposted..... you need to chill and when i pmed you, you said you were 24 lol. choose an age :D
  17. what the fuck are you talking about? the only person in this thread I have a problem with is you. and damn dude, you're 36 and talking shit online? that's pretty pathetic. you're twice my age, so if you could 'break me over your knee'(that sounds extremely gay btw) then more power to you hahaha.
  18. Did you pm me 12 years ago?

    I've been here for 36 years.
  19. 1. I never once said you had a problem with anyone else here. That post was for the other kid. So, I don't know where the fuck you're coming from there.

    2. Good job on your immature homophobic comment, and you call me pathetic?
  20. .....

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