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  1. Its grown pretty fast im 2 months in now. I got the seed from a sack from the s.e.c.a.m. Coloaroda dispense. It was a dank bag of weed

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  2. Looking nice. What part of CO.? Used to live in Summit County, and Denver for a bit. Love it out there.
  3. Beautiful!
  4. Y r they selling u bags with seeds in them. Sounds like a lame co-op.
  5. It was just one seed. Ya their not the best dispense. But thwir no way in fuck im driving to denver for an hour just to get some weed without one seed in it lol
  6. Fa sho. I live out here in nor cal. I think if that happen out here some one might kill ya.
  7. Atleast i got this seed out of it. Itl be different from my usual home grown. My usual strains r hybrid 50/50indoor. So this will b a nice change

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