WYR join a respected street gang or star in low budget pornography?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by KingSalad, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. You get to toke either way.

  2. Join a gang? No. I'm not a follower.
    Porn? Sure. Why not? I fuck like a pornstar, may as well get paid for it.
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  3. I would even pay them to let me be in a VERY low budget porn! Man I’m dirty :(
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  4. Nothing good happens in a gang!
    I'll do the Porno

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  5. Something good always happens in a gang...a Gangbang that is!! Muahahaha
  6. In the low budget porno the star gets covered in cum while being the middle man in a circle jerk. I think I'll join a gang.
  7. The circle jerk is comprised of gang members and to join you gotta be the pivot man...
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  8. lol
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  9. Could I pick the actress?
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  10. I laughed way too hard at this
  11. I would rather join a gang I been around those kind of people a lot of my life atleast I understand them some what and there aint no way im letting just anyone f*ck me most other people are too gross imo. Nope not even if I get paid a lot!

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  12. i guess im making a home video
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  13. Gang members are a bunch of worthless pussies, so no I wouldnt join a gang. There is no respectable gang, only groups of garbage hanging with other garbage.

    Now the porn star thing interests me though

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