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  1. has anyone been there???????
  2. i used to go on that site, some of that shits pretty sick, especially that asian chic that has her ass in the air and she's shitting a fountain thats landing on her face, real disturbing.
  3. enter that sit e with kaution!
  4. i used to go there. i grew out of it. after you've seen so many horribly mutilated bodies on the internet you become desensetized to it and it's no longer intriguing.
  5. i saw a guy on that or www.orgrish..com (i think thats it) eating what looked like fried baby, never going to those sites again, so sick
  6. I knew I should not have re-visited that place....right before having fried chicken dinner tonight......yuck!
  7. I used to visit that site. Then i grew up.....
  8. Yeah I've seen that disgusting crap before, among other websites. The only reason I wanted to see that stuff back then was because I was curious what death is really like for those who are (never saw a dead person before I went there). Since then I've seen so many dead people, on the net mainly, but a lot in real life too, and I've become "desensitized" to it all..... but I still find it disgusting to think they were once alive, and some asshole and to take it from them. I guess seeing that crap made me have a better appreciation for life.

    For those who haven't been there and are curious what's beyond it's doors, I warn you, don't go there. The name says it all.
  9. stupid, stupid stuff
  10. i was browsing grass city stoned like i always do and i came accross this thread.. out of curiosity i went to rotten.com and clicked through those pictures for a good half hour and by that time i actually felt physically sick... what a way to ruin your high, eh? the rest of the day i kept thinking about it!!! good thing i have short term memory loss and i forgot all that i saw the next day, phew... :D

    EDIT: i do remember seeing negligents avatar on something there, though :p
  11. while we are on the topic of dead people right now..... i went to the holocaust memorial in washington dc a couple days ago....man that is disturbing and so sad too i dont know if i would be able to go back there......
  12. ^^ive been to the same place and hell yah its sad.
  13. I've become physically ill from that site too. I've seen some jacked up shit that I hope I'll forget at some point in the future.

  14. I had to go there on a German field trip. Wasn't very pleasant.
  15. you guys need to see the video of the soldier getting his head sawed off while he is alive.. its a close-up and the quality is about 5x better than the nick berg video

    i couldnt sleep after i first saw that in 8th grade
  16. No you don't. That shit comes back to haunt you.
  17. last night while i was sleepin i kept seein pictures in my head of all the shit at that place........ these couple pictures of old guys with looks on their faces like " how can one guy do this how is this happenin..." just cant that one out

    ahh its gettin to my head...

    p.s. sorry for taken up your thread... yeah rotten is a sick site lol
  18. that shits fucken sick, whoever looks at that shit is whack.
  19. It's the darker side of the human creature that rotten.com displays, too often the truth stays hidden because no-one dares to upset people.
    I believe that rotten.com serves a purpose by showing that the world isn't all cotton candy, death is nothing to be feared.

    I worked in a slaughterhouse when I was younger and have no problems with killing when it's needed, if I want to eat meat some-one has to kill it, I will .I used to have to listen to all the bullshit about how the world should stop eating meat and how I was some kind of serial killer (lol) because of my job,I like meat.

    This is a job most people waiting for a big mac don't want to think about just as the acts shown on sites like rotten are something most of us would like to pretend don't happen.
    I agree that you certainly need a strong stomach to go there.
  20. dude, we shouldn't be wanting to see those things as human beings. WE just do cause we can. We just need to see more of stuff like when you use the fractint program for DOS.

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