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  1. Hi wondering if anyone else has been scammed by this company called Hashsweed they claim to have all types of medical cannabis, I spoke to them via email for my daughters seizures. They took my money and never sent the product. Has anyone else dealt with the company?

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  2. Why would you try and buy weed online lol just find a plug its not hard:confused_2:
  3. I've never dealt with them personally, but yeah, I wouldn't buy weed online unless I was in a medical cannabis state and had a medical card. Which I do, and I have brought weed from weedmaps.com, but that's about it.
  4. Nice advise guys, my friend is planning on buying online. I'll let him know the odds and risks.
  5. More often than not those websites will be scams. I'm sorry they got you.
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