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  1. I would like to thank tKB-Man, mugzy3, Blovett4, reznkk, Justawareofme and Lost123 for helping me decide on The Attitude for my first order.

    I'm just a beginning grower finishing up my very first grow of two Strawberry Cough clones and 2 GDP/Erkle clones. They are entering the fourth week of flowering and I'm thinking about my next grow.

    Currently I have a nice 4x4x7 grow tent with a 600 Watt light, 6 inch duct fan and a goblin charcoal filter. Growing in 5 gallon buckets with river rock in bottom and the rest Coconut Coir. Using Canna A & B plus standard Canna suppliments.

    I am chosing my seeds for personal use and I would like to give very special thakns to tKB-Man for invaluable assistance in selecting my strains.

    The seeds I chose were as follows:

    Barneys Farm Red Dragon Feminized x 10
    Barneys Farm Red Dragon Feminized

    Sensi Seeds Jack Flash x 10
    Sensi Seeds Jack Flash

    Wish me luck and I will report results.
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  2. you are in for an awesome grow. If you like the strawberry cough high, i'd rank the high and flavor of the red dragon right up there if not more so. and the jack flash exceeding both. I'll stay tuned.
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    We are back with the Beanbag 1st order ride along. Things got interesting today Ladies and Gentlemen when I logged on to The Attitude to find that my seeds had been shipped!

    Oh goodie!

    But wait... there is trouble at the Circle K...

    Reading my order I realize that my street number is wrong on both the shipping and billing address!

    Oh shit!

    Hold on, don't panic. The first two numbers are right, just the second two are wrong and it's got your normal name and address otherwise, post office should find it fine.

    Even though it's after business hours let's hit The Attitude with an email and see if they can do anything, as the shipper, to correct the address in transit but most likely you'll just have to talk to the post office and give them a heads up.

    Points so far...

    The Attitude confirmed my order instantly on Saturday +1
    The Attitude shipped my order to the address I entered in my profile +1
    The Attitude did not send me an email confirming the shipment... yet tentative - 0.5

    Beanbag made an order with The Attitude +1
    Beanbag payed for his order with The Attitude +1
    Beanbag entered the wrong street number -1
    Beanbag failed to notice the wrong street number on his order confirmation -1
    Beanbag didn't panic and took the available steps... so far tentative +0.5

    Current Score
    The Attitude 1.5
    Beanbag 0.5

    Tune in next time folks to see if The Attitude continues it's hot streak.

    Good night and good luck
  4. The Attitude responded to my email the next day and were very nice but couldn't really do anything about changing an address that went Royal Mail/USPS. They gave me some good suggestions which I've taken.

    Left a note for my carrier in my mailbox with the tracking number and delivery information. Also talked to my neighbor at the number used in shipping and asked them to call me if they receive a package with my name on it.

    Checked the tracking information today and the package has made it through the Jamacia Queens sorting center.

    Wish me luck!
  5. Nice bean choices. I had jack flash once and it was gone in a flash it was so good.. and I got that red dragon taste in my mouth right now and I'm envying you in every way possible. Might want to remove the pic of the way they put it on customs. Cool t-shirt too. I'll be following your journal. Best of luck.. not like you're gonna need it.
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    Cool no problem but I'm having difficulty deleting that attachment. I'm gonna blow away the post and add the pictures here.

    Thanks for the tip 420Report, good looking out.

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