www.AboveTheInfluence.com? HELL NO! More like...

Discussion in 'General' started by Scapris, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. ill help if i find anything but for now you get +rep
  2. damn man, you deserve a pat on the back. But because this is the internet, you'll just have to settle for some +rep instead.

    Great job man! Keep up the good work!
  3. Hell yeah you stuck with Above the Ignorance, maybe I could get a little name recognition, hahah...damn anyways I just opened the page but I'll edit this back when I get done scanning it.

    "If you have any information that you would like to add, or just want to leave a comment, e-mail us at abovethebullshit@yahoo.com"

    Should get a new email, like comments@abovethe[i]ignorance[/i].org
  4. I will set this up as soon as possible...

    Would it be adventageous to setup some forums? and if so, what categories would be suggested?
  5. Hey, I love what you're doing, you guys are definitely taking a big step for the betterment of blazers, and therefore all of us here on GC too! Thanks!

    One thing though, just something I noticed: "There has never been a study to link marijuana with psychological problems"

    -from the site

    I just wanted to say that I do believe there are several studies linking THC to increased likelihood of panic attacks, and increased likelihood of the exacerbation of panic attacks in those who already are diagnosed with them (I am one of these people, yet I don't believe mj has caused me to have any).

    My psychiatrist showed me a couple studies a while ago when we were discussing it, so I do believe they exist. Not sure who did em or where, but they're out there.

    Just trying to keep your info straight :)

    Good luck with the sites!
  6. The word assured is spelled with only one "s" on the front of the site. Just thought i would point that out.
  7. Those commercials make me laugh, I like the one where the girl sees her dog talking. Lol, she isn't high, she's tripping fucking balls if her dog is talking to her. I mean come on they need to get there drugs straightened out. lol I'm high.:smoke:
  8. +rep man this is awesome what you're doing with it... definatelly a step in the right direction, we needed this for so long....
  9. Stoners in the mist what kinda bullshit was that. I wanna slap that old man.
  10. AboveTheInfluence.com is all good, everyone has somthing to say about weed and this is just one perspective, i thought the whole stoners in the mist thing was quite funny, ANYONE who has EVER bin stoned witch is like 50% of the population can tell that this is propergander.
  11. What about a Q and A section?

    Where a member posts a question, then all the other members answer it for them. Post links, articles, etc...

    Edit - Oh yea, I believe that "Marijuana" should be changed to "Cannabis." Its just the actual name for it. :)
  12. Ahhh, thank you sir ;)

  13. There is a stench that lingers around the word marijuana, it makes straight people cringe. I am just hoping to use it frequently enough that it becomes second nature to day it.

  14. when you guys are ready for mass views on the site, you may want to check out colbert nation. see if you can get steven to talk about this on his show. he'll probably do it
  15. Good idea for the long run. I proud of you creating this site man, sure some minds will be changed.
  16. Woot! keep the suggestions coming everyone!

    Please email us at comments@abovetheignorance.org with your suggestions, so we can keep everything in one place... or feel free to register and post on our forums and let us know what you think!

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