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  1. www.AboveTheIGNORANCE.org is now live =D

    After reading about "AboveTheInfluence.com" I am appalled at how blatant the lies are on this website and am quite struck by how hilarious some of the videos are.
    They portray us as "stoners" that never do anything but sit and drool. FUCK THAT I work 10am-5pm Monday-Friday and run 1.5 miles every other day, as well as work out. I'll be damned if I, as well as millions of others, are going to be stereo-typed in a group of low-life scum.

    We all know the reasons why this site is completely off-key and I have devised an idea to get back at these LIARS.

    I recently purchased the domain "AboveTheBullshit.com" and another GC'er (djnecro) purchased "AboveTheIGNORANCE.org" in hopes of spreading the truth about marijuana and it's benefits. My over-all goal is to negate their lies and shine truth on the wonderful herb of marijuana.

    I've designed the entire website from scratch and am currently looking for people to help find cartoons related to the topic and cited research by top organizations.

    If you would like to help me on this endeavor it would be greatly appreciated, all who help will be cited in website credits.

    Hope you guys like the idea!
  2. gotta give your props man +rep

    im sure grasscity can come up with some good ideas... problem though that most of us are prolly stoned when they are on here :)
  3. I am also searching for someone with spare server space that wouldn't mind hosting the website for me..

  4. there is a thread "21 reason why I smoke" there are links in the thread that you could use.

    Also I was just wondering if there is any kind of possible legal action one could take against abovetheinfluence for such blatant lies.
  5. This is definitely a step in the right direction..
  6. Im so puttin that all over my myspace stuff

    If thats cool ofcourse

  7. I may be able to help out with both the site itself and the hosting... PM me
  8. Fuckin awesome idea man, I'll try to get you some material to use.
  9. I have a godaddy deluxe server I would be willing to share if I could be co founder :)
  10. dude that is the best logo ever. but u need to put .com on it, otherwise it just looks like a banner and not a website name. .com will make u have more hits cuz people will think that it is a website, not just something they found on the web
  11. I've attained the list of 23 reasons why you smoke pot and took somewhere near 15 out to place on the front page. From that, I plan to build the front page.

    It will be a list of FACTS, all facts will have a source from which they came and are proven.

    Here is a screenshot of what the front of the site will look like:

  12. Now this is what I'm talking about! Ideas in action!

    You are another voice that we need to boost our collective into a smooth-spinning motion. The wheel is rolling down a hill, my friend. Good job.
  13. By the way, it would be advantageous to avoid slogans such as 'The media is retarded'. I think it would come across as rather childish in a community filled with very intelligent people.

    We don't want to give off the wrong impression, here.
  14. Awesome idea! Im majoring in network administrations and I have some experiance in website design, so if you need any help just pm me.
  15. man! I like the way you think. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

    edit: +rep
  16. Mucho appreciation,

    How about the slogan reading "...because the media jumped on the bandwagon."

    Anyone with input on the slogan, have at it! =D

  17. awesome idea definitly +rep
    however i habe one suggestion. make some into true facts and not too much survey-ish for example say thc dialates your bronchial tubes making it easier to breath instead of or along with how it cleanses your lungs. otherwise an excellent idea
  18. That was taken out in my revised edition :) Thanks though!

  19. If I were you I would possibly change the website name, Abovethebullshit, might not sound appropriate in a corporate type battle Idk, they would probably just overlook the site because of the innapropriate word.

    I'm not saying i'm a goody goody at all, I swear as much as any other person, but hopefully somebody else catches my drift?
  20. i'm above the influence :smoke:

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