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Wut U Do This Weekend My Fellow Losers????

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WestCoastStoner, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. ......i did nothin but smokes herb the whole weekend...........
  2. I watched about 5 brawls, followed by some arrests. Entertaining when you're drunk and stoned.
  3. i got high as usual watched Yellow Submarine (good movie) :D ...toked all day saturday. yep.

  4. same exact thing. i decided that i just wanted to be a lazy fuck and not do anything but smoke the best herb i've ever had. and drink a little. was good times. a nice break from going out everynight and not sleeping in my own bed on the weekends.
  5. I got drunk and played pool. ANd I did alot of fuckin homework, had to work on 3 papers and 2 presentations that took up a good portion of my weekend. :(
  6. One speech, 2 outlines for presentations 3 papers later, and I'm finally going to sleep. thank god. I just may need to spark a bowl in celebration and have the best sleep of my life.
  7. oh ya and today i went to this dudes farm ...10 acres, a pond, grows all his own shit ..2 lamas, a dozen sheep, some chickens... lucky bastard :D. i wanna live on a farm.
  8. I've been sick the last couple of days, but I think the herb is helping.. smoked the last bit of dro I had left with a friend. Oh, and I also made a grow box.. but other than that I had to work a little and had a little time to relax.. but I love the weekdays.. no one is here.. w00t.. *blug* *blug* *blug*

    later on
  9. HIGH All, these four losers had fun!!!!

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  10. HIGH All, and then some more....

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  11. HIGH All, and then...

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  12. Got payed by a group of fine females to smoke with them. Watching chicks who dont smoke often trying to take bong rips of chronic is a funny thing.
  13. i smoked with a girl on saturday who said it was her first day smoking.

    she said she smoked earlier that day but she didn't get high off of it.

    so i guess i got my first person their first high saturday. wooh!
  14. Unoit............. can i come visit you :D.... nope I'm not joking ither :D
  15. got high and drunk on friday! woohoo!
  16. Friday I had class and labs to do. Then, my friend got here from Nashville and we went out for food and to get beer. So we drank most of the beer and went to a party. At the party we had some Killian's and weed. It was just a small party and they ran out of beer fast so we went back to my dorm and got more beer and took some hydrocodones. Kept drinking and taking pills until we went to sleep at 5:30

    Saturday, my friend was planning on going home. We got up and got ready for lunch, popped a few more hydros and headed out. Then we went looking for head shops. The one on campus was overpriced and didn't have a good selection so I suggest we drive out to this other one. We get there and it's closed. They made another glass run before their big ass sale on sunday. So my friend decides he's staying another night. We drink omre and take more hydros. He came with 20 or 25 hydros and we finished them in 2 days. It's a damn good thing we don't have a real supply of those or we could become hooked. So we were up until about 5.

    Sunday we sleep in til like 1 again. Then we get up, get ready, and head out for lunch and to see the head shop. I take the last of the beer with me b/c I'm going over to my grandparents' house to do laundry and I know they're in florida. So we finally make it to the head shop and my friend gets a bad ass piece. It's turquoise and dark blue with a clear sparkly stripe. Now that it's been used my friend said that stripe will change to a nice green. It has the bowl, and then TWO tubes coming out of it which twist around eachother and rejoin at the mouth piece. It's awesome. Then my friend went home, I went to my grandparents' and finished the beer and my laundry, passed out for a few hours then went back to the dorm and got ready to start my week.
  17. got high. then i got higher. then i smoked some im out. were are my friends now. ill tell you were. there all out getting high.

  18. what> they payed you to smoke with them? wtf is the story behind that one?

  19. lol, really....i wish that happend to me.......does their virginity count?????
  20. Lol i smoked toked and smoked some more.

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