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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RedEyed-Punk, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Alright, heres the story, my mom bust in my room and when im just waking up, and tells me she wants a urine sample. SHIT!, My twin was supposed to be clean but he wasnt, so we both tested positive, We told her that the reason why we were positive was becuz we hadnt gotten clean yet, (we were caught before, and drug tested,) SO now they assume that we should both be clean in a week, So i have another piss test coming up, IVE SEARCHED THE FORMS, but i need something more simple. So i need some help, would geletin make me piss clean, and does it work? Any other tips would be very helpful.
  2. What's more simple than taking Niacin?

  3. Yeah and go work fact WORK YOUR ASS OFF lol :) That's a good method, and like luke said lots of water and you should be fine.
  4. yea just ride your bike in the hot hot sun (depending where you are) for about 5 miles, then take a medley of niacin and some kind of cranberry product. Then just dilute your piss on the day of the test so its clear then just color it with a B viamin I like B-2 cause it works real well. Then piss in the cup mistream so your piss isnt that dirty. I guess those are the basics.
  5. Also, how are they testing you? Do they watch you piss? Or do they let you in the bathroom alone? Are they using a home test, or sending it to a lab?

    There are different ways to cheat the test depending on what your situation is.

    You know, if they won't be convinced that you can't be clean in a week.
  6. The chemical that are in your urine sit at the top and bottom of your bladder. Never get the first and last few drops in the cup.
  7. Heres an idea. Go tell your mom to fuck off. She can't force you.

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