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WTFook is up with this weed Part 2

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Shouse1018, Apr 6, 2006.


    that'll fill you in.

    So, i get off work late stroll by my dealers apartment excited as hell because I'm

    gonna get blaaaazzed off my arse. He pulls out an oz of his new batch and it's looks t

    otally different. I even stick my face in the bag and it smells pretty good. Keep in mind

    i'm paying $50 quarter and my dealer except the other day has Never had low quality

    mids. I leave man and i tell you what dude, I looked like a kid who just walked out

    the candy store with the willy wonka goolden fookin ticket. I was in such a great as

    mood. So i get home put some in my grinder and pack my new piece.

    Low and behold it still has that fookin nasty taste to it. I've never smoked Oregano

    but if I did this is what i imagine it would taste like. Only this batch, the Oregano taste

    isn't so prevelant. Overall it's a couple steps up from the last batch. It just doesn't

    get me to that point i like to be, no matter how fat of a blunt i take to the head.

    Weird. I just need to find another dealer so i can have some fookin options ya know. ahh well dang.

    anybody from GA hit me up :smoke:
  2. mayeb it is your piece or something that you are bringing to the table and not the weed ? just a thought
  3. tried rolling blunts, papers, ez wraps. . . . .swisher is the one that hides the taste the best.
  4. Lookin for dealer on this forum isnt allowed.. kinda sounds like what ur doin
  5. i'll smoke some dank with u; u just gotta road trip a lil ;)
  6. Maybe it was shipped in something weird. Like if it was packaged with soap or something it would maybe have a soapy taste.
  7. I once heard of someone using oregano with elmers glue... to form buds, then they dry and apparently resemble bud... the glue has no smell, and takes the oregano smell out... then they put either little bits of real bud, or just put them in a bag that previously held dank...

    ALthough I find that very hard to concieve... just this thread reminded me of that reading...
  8. quoting a movie "if you are going to say the F word, just go for the gold" :smoke:

    sucks you got gyped again, good luck finding a better dealer
  9. Like GreenLantern said, sometimes what it's packaged (smuggled) with will give it a bad taste. I had a soapy oz before, got rid of it after one bowl. I don't know what to tell ya man, I just told my dealer to call me when he had something different.
  10. I got smoked up on a blunt of mids that tasted like straight flowers, it tasted like shit like I was smoking a petunia or something. It had to be smuggled in flowers. I took 3 hits and couldn't bare it. Thats why I'll never buy mids or regs.

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