Discussion in 'General' started by cheachea, May 6, 2006.

  1. I can't find the trunk release in my dads 06 mercury grand marquis or w/e, is it possible for it to be remote only?
  2. Yeah, my mother has a for focus like that.

    Pisses me off when i help her with groceries. It's like a monkey trying to crack a coconut.

  3. Whoa rasta, new av, what is it?
  4. I know, this is big news. Like whoa.

    Hunter S. Thompson, the king of Gonzo journalism and a mentor of mine.

  5. Its good, its just a shock because to us rasta man was always tied to that av of the rasta.
  6. that makes me want to watch fear and loathing real bad.. dammit.. *puts it in*

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